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Topic Title: different production statistics for each planet (Simple Topic)

Topic starter: gsharad007

Topic started: 13:11:21 10th Mar 2004

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gsharad007Posted: 13:11:21 10th Mar 2004

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it wud be great if each planet had diffrent production stats. like some planets cud produce more uranium than gold or some can produce more troops than something else. what i mean is the efficeny wid which it does. so like if 1x of one planet for troops is +30/15m for another it cud be +34/15m or +40/15 or even +20/15m. also experience meaning more u produce some gud better u get at it wud be mega cooool.

this wud also encourage trading.

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Fire DemonPosted: 15:49:29 10th Mar 2004

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very cool idea, but what does "wud" mean?

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Evil Dr AbePosted: 08:44:39 11th Mar 2004

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i think it means would

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WannixPosted: 11:50:48 11th Mar 2004

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i think not. have prodpoints the same value at each planet. so no +1 each month. like a normal value of 20 or so

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gsharad007Posted: 13:20:47 13th Mar 2004

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well real life is so much diffrent every countr has diffrent values and it wud only improve trade. to make things equal total of all production value wud be the same (not counting experience) and experiece is gained by continued higer production of a particular resource.

and wannix i didnt understand wat u meant pls explain

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