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What is SkyLords? And what is the difference from other online multiplayer games?

SkyLords is a real-time, browser based, online, multiplayer strategy game (MMOG), which includes many impressive features such as diplomacy, trading, piracy, espionage, space battles, custom spaceship model designing, round bonuses and clan warfare. Despite all these features, this game is very easy to start because of the short training mission all new players have to pass.

Join the SkyLords community and fight battles in real time, find planets and colonize them or take them by force. One of the best things about SkyLords is that you can play this game for free.
No plug-ins or other downloads are necessary to play. Online multiplayer games support thousands of people playing together at the same time.

STORY: A New World Ch1

By Relic

Ch1: The End of the World

The door squealed shut as the nurse finally left him to his rest. The hospital room smelled of disinfectant and the lights hummed noticeably from the ceiling. The soft beeping of various medical machines were his only companions now Robert thought with a slight chuckle, wondering just how many times in his past that had been true.

Roger was an old man now nearing eighty-five years, or would if he wasn't dieing of cancer. Despite his old age and deathbed status, there was still some steel left in his appearance that hinted at his military background. Robert thought of all the events that led him to this day.

He had grown up in the hick...uhm... great state of Mississippi, and had hated it. It had always appeared to him that ole MS had been distinctly lacking in growth (and boring as all hell) by thirty years compared to the other states, and literally lacked anything to keep him entertained growing up. Despite that (or probally because of it) Robert had thrown his youth into books, animes, and video games whenever he got a chance, anything that would distract him from his boonie surroundings. To this day he could here banjos playing whenever he thought of those times despite never seeing one played until he joined the marines (maybe it was some pychological tick he thought). He had grown up normally and played Football (not soccer!!!) like everyother boy had in his hometown (not ...

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