• - Play in a multi-dimensional universe, without borders for your empire.
  • - Design your own spaceships.
  • - Thousands of models available, including assault ships, fighters, transport vehicles, probes and more.
  • - Choose your way of life; become a warrior, miner, trader, spy or pirate.
  • - Fight real time battles against other players.
  • - Gain more and more experience during battles.
  • - Control many planets in the Universe. You can gather resources and build ships on any of them.
  • - Organize grand attacks with thousands of ships and armies with the help of your clan.
  • - Build spy ships to infiltrate your enemies' planets and learn valuable information.
  • - Defend planets from your enemies.
  • - Create your own clan or join an existing one to increase your power.
  • - Manage your clan and clan members.
  • - Place and take bets on who will win the current round.
  • - Watch the news to know what is happening in your part of the Universe.
  • - Get your own personalized news.
  • - Create your online profile and add your avatar to frighten your enemies.
  • - Have personal and clan pages with your stats.
  • - Write and post your own stories and read the posts of other players.
  • - Join discussions in many of the in-game forums.
  • - Chat with other players in public and private chat rooms.
  • - Send and receive in-game private and clan messages.
  • - Automate flights of your ships.
  • - Load and unload resources from your ships. Transport resources from planet to planet.
  • - Use available credits to buy one of the many stunning technologies for one round.
  • - Reach the top and become the best player of the month.
  • - Create your real life, here, on Skylords Universe.