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Thrust JetPosted: 12:19:27 24th Jun 2004

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check pms

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apollo 2Posted: 13:31:15 24th Jun 2004

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1:when you raise that resource it needs time to actually GET that resource it doesn't automattically get it for you.....that would be to easy.

2:for the smileys you hold your cursor over the smileys allready made and you'll see a code like. : shh : (without the spaces) then you type that in your text and :shh: for the guns the code is : guns : : uzi : : camp : (all without the spaces)
:guns: :uzi: :camp:

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Twisted AedenPosted: 14:54:54 26th Jun 2004

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to get shhoting smilies :uzi: :guns: :camp:
just put your cursor over it and it will tell you

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