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Topic started: 19:25:28 6th Jan 2010

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Rebelion001Posted: 19:25:28 6th Jan 2010

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guys this will be my last post ever my son is not doing so good is back in the hospital so i am stoping all games that i paly for quite awhile and maybe indefinate i am going to try and pay back what i can to a few freinds and that will be it guys sorry for those that i have been playing with for a long time and sorry to the players that i have made prommises to.

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Cajin Von SianPosted: 19:37:13 6th Jan 2010

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Thanks for the good times- hope all ends up well.

watupdoggPosted: 19:40:03 6th Jan 2010

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hope your son gets better.

FORTRANshadowPosted: 21:04:11 6th Jan 2010

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You and your son have my prayers. Peace.

Otto CariusPosted: 21:05:23 6th Jan 2010

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I'm a father too, and I can feel what your feel about your son.
I hope he's getting better soon.
And I hope that everything gonna be good.

Salam Satu Nyali, WANI!

ZerohoursPosted: 21:19:42 6th Jan 2010

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Wishing you and your family the best. May God bless your son with whatever he needs to overcome his illness and give your family strength.

I am here to help in anyway I can! Let's have fun!

TallDude3rdPosted: 01:25:00 7th Jan 2010

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Good luck man!


Gold RushPosted: 17:43:57 12th Jan 2010

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my prayers will be with your family, good luck

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NightCrossPosted: 15:08:53 18th Jan 2010

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Good luck rebel... Ill be praying for you and your family...

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For without light, Darkness cant exist.

Silent SlickPosted: 15:35:19 15th Apr 2010

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like wise rebel.... i will also be praying for you matey

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