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Dark OrcPosted: 06:25:29 10th Dec 2003

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hey yugi, i know the last two buttons would be hidden. apparently you didn't read the part where i said i have to scroll to them. like i said before, don't reply unless you take the time to think things through.

YuGiPosted: 06:26:57 10th Dec 2003

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hey i do think things through most of the time at least it just happens that at the moment i have a short concentration span at the moment due to lack of sleep

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FinalPosted: 06:32:40 10th Dec 2003

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yugi dont make excuses to plz some newb ok

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MonkeyPosted: 07:09:45 10th Dec 2003

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Why is Dark Orc so grumpy? Maybe he needs sleep also.

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TraighenPosted: 14:57:33 15th Dec 2003

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I think he is an Idiot trying to look somewhat smart, after looking like such a fool.And he is throwing out curses cos he know's he's the dumbshit that didnt scroll to the right to see the rest of the buttons.what a dumbass..

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