By ClayCafe

9th Jun 2005

(this starts off as Part 2 of the Hell Fire Squadron sega)

The Briefing room, deck seven. Room number #4758. walls, 4 inches thick, lighting, 32 gw per minute.tempature, aboslute 0
Not the most cheerful room to find out that you are gona be flying around in long range fighters until you find a highly concealed groupof mercanaries and perform colvert battle operations millions of miles from any help.And not just any mercanaries. Mercanaries that have just been given an up-front pay that would make a royal families banl statement look like a savings account withdrawl form. Of all the factions that i am told are my enemies, Mercanaries are the worst. 30 years ago, that word ment a small time bounty hunter, or a single deserter, who is now getting by with small odd jobbs here and there.....but know, that word strike's fear into even the most powerfullest government, the galaxies best defended planet, even me.
One day, one man, Stood infront of one camera, linked to one comm-stat, and brodcasted to one galaxy, wich in turn, united millions of people, Drew together millions of small companies, allied millions of small pirating fleets, and created one of the most elite and resourcefull organizations in history. Imagine, every bounter hunter, every proffesionall Hitman, every engineer not belonging to a Lord, king, or empire, decided to join force's, and worship the one thing that ever ment anything to them...Money, and themselfs

"copy the briefing log and send it to every HF officer"
"next, I want to hold a briefing with the people on this list"
"than wake richie up, tell him he has alot of work to do"
-"will do, you also have Manson on call"
"put him through"

that would be my wingman, we go back a few years, about 10 or 11, we met up at some stray planet, suprised to see some of the same race that far out, it was a refugee planet for deserter's. Both came from the same flight schoool academy, but he started 2 years after i left.

"Has the captian gone fecking beserk! I could care lest what intel gave him! Do we look like we have that kindof manpower!, this is something the Confedartion should take care of! not a rag tag team of roghes!"
-"you done sake?"
".....yeah, sorry"
-thats fine, my reaction was pretty much the same,"
"so you know where im coming from"
-"and why wouldn't I, unfortanlty, we tell any one who would simply deal with this the easy way, we can say bye bye to this little rag tag fleet, they would search high and low, obliterate any planets that refused to co-operate, and you know what co-operate means"
"even worse than not, i know"
-"so prep up the squad, get the engineers every thing up to speed, and any one who is on leave, gets to be assighned active flight status again, no aceptions, as for the list you and a few others got, i made it clear, did i not"
"yeah tyler, you did...."
-"one more thing"
-this is up to us, and only us, what you and i know, most people would refuse to believe. we cant just ignore this, because either way, its gona bite someone in the arse, we have to at least try.
"..just wish is was up to someone else to save this god-forsaken galaxy"
'-hey, if what we know is true, this little rag tag galaxy will be the least of any one's loss, now get busy, we fly out in 13 hours, i will brief the squadron once we have entered hyper space"
"aye aye"

So with heavy feet and a light head, i made my way to the flight deck, tinkering with
the only C-9 StarLance richie wasn't allowed to fix..

to be continued........

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