By Griffin Vengance

18th Jun 2005

The captain looked proudly onto his small army. Every single navyman had had basic army training, so that they could repel borders. The army was well organised into regiments of 200, with a major from the Excailbur's 500 strong army contingent leading them. Those 500 were called ODSTs; Orbital Shock Drop Troopers. They were some of the best fighting men in the world, and was the army's elite force, the shock force.
Unfortunately for the newly sprung army however, they lacked vehicles, air support or artillery. So, the army was forced to march the five klicks or so to the Command Center, a great land fortress.
The majors signalled readiness, and the army was obviously impatient for war.
And so the march began.
About four kilometers later, sounds of gunfire, the powerful booming sound of air-ground missiles and the stench of lying dead bodies was distinct. As the army came upon the Fortress, in front they saw over 20,000 enemy troops attacking the Center with fierce hatred. The artilery bombarded without pause, and a few pink air craft attacked as well.
The defenders were not without heart however. The Center was on top of a butte, so that the enemy had only two routes of attack to go from. The field of dead alien bodies in the ditches around the Center tesified to the defender's abilities.
The captain sighed. The Center was completely surrounded, making reinforcements impossible. He took out his binoculars and saw something that gave him hope; a batch of unprotected artillery that was attacking the southern walls.
Immediately, the captain dispatched his first three regiments and set up a division of snipers on a hill that overlooked the enemy's position. Satisfied, he ordered the attack. The troops roared forward with cries of revenge and death. They launched grenades, snipers fired and phase rifles shot.
Within a few minutes, the short skirmish was over. The now-safe Southern Gate opened and a small fleet of Tauros, a light attack vehicle that was extremely fast and effective roared out of the Gates to greet their rescuers.
The captain gave 450 Tauros to his special arms squadron, and the other 200 to a unit. As he looked down upon the undaunted attackers, he heard the messanger from the Center.
"Sir! The Center is being pushed to it's limits. Over 60% of the Guard is dead, and another 20% heavily wounded. The walls are near breaking point. We suspect to fall ino more then an hour, and that's being optimistic."
The captain bit his lip. The enemy seemed curiously unaware of the failure of their Southern Forces, so therefore they didn't know of the army.
"Private, bring this back to base. It is a plan that the generals need to adhere to."
The private thanked him and ran his backside into the relative safety of the walls.
The captain organised his squadrons. Both units of his Tauros were in position, while his snipers and main forces awaited his command.
His plan was for the Center to cease fire at a specific moment in time, while the baffled aliens would take the initiative and attack.
At this time, the snipers, main army forces and Tauros would run out of their hiding place and at exactly 15:06 local time the entire defending force would open fire. The Tauros would close in, flanking the enemy. Half of the army would throw grenades, while the other half would charge in all guns blazing while the snipers proceeded in their cool deadly work.
Even with this good strategy, the army was still outnumbered 10-1. The Captain was relying upon getting the enemy under the area where they'd be exposed to the Maginot Line, a line of the most advanced and killer artillery on the planet. He hoped that within five short minutes the emeny would be running.
Well, he hoped.
The guns fell silent...and the aliens attacked.

The plan went perfectly. 21,824 enemy bodies lay stricken upon what was now christened as the blood field, decimated by the guns and surrounding forces. The alien force had been completely annihilated.
Later that afternoon, as the captain was complimented on his sound tactical skill and proven bravery he merely commented:
"We have won this battle, yes. But alien forces are still out there, based on the Antares moon in orbit. We haven't won Twilight Citadel back yet."

Although the space situation looked grim for the Skylords, the primeminster had a little surprise for the captain; something that would make the aliens regret their war.


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