By ClayCafe

22nd Jun 2005

(this begins as part 3 of the hell fire sega)

"hangar deck please"

after repeating myself 10 times into the the apernt high tech voice command system the we got installed into our next to new lift, i couldn't help but feel small, here i am, an acadamy drop out, about to take on the most ruthless bunch of rag-tags this millenuim has ever seen, and i was up to me. My squadron, Us alone, a state of intergaltic emegerncy, and its up to deserters to at least attempt to save the day... figures.

-Compute:"you have now been turbo lifted to the lower east hangar deck"

they're gona mutanty me, for sure......

-richie"why ello sir, i trust you'r going to explain why we are all ready for take off before the lot of us 'ave even been briefed"

"richie, just tell sake to get the squad do one lest flight check, i want to be space-born and in hyper asap, and btw, your not planing on taking that thing with us are you"

"whhaaat, it beazly, not going if i can't take her"
"we've been ove this, it an awesome ship, but it doesnt have the range needed for this mission"
"well if you would just simply brief us before hand, we just might know how to please you almighty sir!"
"so you gona get ur space lance ready"

i dont really blame him, id be pissed at me too, plus, this is all saposed to be our week off..from what, not wuite sure, hate sitting around this carier made for a race thats over 9 feet tall.

"sake, squad ready for take off"
"right on, every one strap in, and get ready for an in flight flight check, 300 meters of the ships bow"

nothing give you more of a rush than hopping in an cotpick and starting the engines of a dx-5 spacelance, setting thrust to max-burn and blasting into 0-gravity at 15 times the speed of sound, expecaily when 7 of the identical machines are doing the same left right and center, but it was time for buisness
"all pilots, report status"

-Sake"all green, even the swarm of space nats i just blasted through, i just washed this bay!, damit"

-richie"what, you expect my repairs not gona hold through that little bump, have some faith"

-renza"all is good here captian"

Amelia d. lorenza.. richies wingman, i should say, wingwoman, and also the only one in the crew, i pair them together, simply cause it the only person richie gets along with, in spite of he's quick temper, he's still capable of being a complete gentalman. they fly good together

-Duece"right after burning is falling behind a bit,but thats ok, who needs speed in this thing"

markus "duece" simmons.. the most amzing bomber pilot i have ever came across,since the only the Hell Fire squad flies, are the space lance models, we both insidted that richie take out 2 engines in plce for a plasma mortar cananons, he's our defence against anything big and mean, like a dreadnaught, those plasma's pack a huge punch

-sliders"left wingman is falling behind, but that ok, who needs speed when your wingman is a flying brick!!"

jake sliders.he flies a zippy little dx-6 space lance fighter, meant to keep anything off duece's back that his slow ship might not be able to handle, they fight,alot,but it all in good faith, i hope

-blzargbeth"the dx-9 space lance is running up to optimul perfoumence captain"

blzargbeth..little red dude, that the only thing i can think of to describe him, cause . that quite simply all he is, a little red dude.....he flys a dx-9 oufited with nothing but an armenet of many small rockets, all controled by his abilty to telepathize with his ship computer...well, any computer, you can see why we keep him around, can pilot a rocket better than any homing software could

-amens"all great, now, when you gona brief us, or would you just like us to admire the stars a bit more"

harold amens, becuse of blerzs(blzarfbeth's nickname) lack of any type of guns, we'vw wing'ed them together, since he has brought this squad, a very unige ship, with 5 aout-aim\firing turrents, still wont let richie take a look at them

"i'll brief you allthe second we jump into warp, for security reasons, i promise"
-sliders"still dont trust ppl back at thet there ship eh?

sake-"well, you heard the man. into the blue tunnel of nothingness we go"

"follow me lead, heading 354.-32,-678, we'll do a double jump"

and with that. 8 ships blasted off into hyper space, and a prepared for the most difficult speech's i will ever be forced to make..to my squad

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