By Commander Fox

30th Aug 2005

I would like to dedicate this storie to the following: lakamar sinji, deemers, Griffin Vengance and Talldude3rd.

The rain continued to fall. It alwayas rained there, but there was never thunder or lightning. The inly way the place was lit was by the visible rays of light that the sun constantly puored through the cloudes, making golden beams fall from the heavens. Commander Fernan Tag looked out at the city. His city. The place was abandoned, but there were definatly humans inhabitting the place before. it was now a ghost city. The buildings were still in running condition, well, some of them. The walls were riddled with bullet holes, many were crumbling. The streets were crowded with abandoned vehicles, many were turned over on their side. A casual newspaper floated down the street and disappeared on the Horizon. He rarely went outside, though the weather was beautiful, as was the Scenery. The weather was warm, and the rain was cold, but together they made a perfect climate. The light was breathtaking, casting gold upon the debris below. The Commander smiled. A hole city, just to himself. He had been stranded in paradise, after a crash landin, they had decided to inhabbit the city as their own. he had enough food and power to last for generations, and here he would have to stay, untill help discovered he was missing. The contacts that could reach the freinds were destroyed, and the ones available were not strong enough to send a signal. It didn't matter. This building was a sky scraper, and each troop had comfortable living space, clean water, power, and luxury. It had once been an office/hotel. he rose from his throne, and poured himself more wine. His captain, Bryson was uneasily standing at attention. "At ease, Captain,"ordered the Commander. "report!". he did. "commmander, I ahve personally sent a scout squad to find the petrimeter of the city."
"and?" " the city is miles, and...." " and what? Spit it out!". The young Captian cleared his throat." Only one returned alive." Commander Tag gaged on his wine and almost spit it out."What?What happened?" "they were attacked," "well, apparently, but by what?" " We don't know for sure, but the scout brought back an image." "well let's see it!". The captain presented a folder. Commander tag gasped at it's contents. the captain began to speak. "the bad news is, the creatures have followed our suvivor. They know we're here. What shall I do?". The Commander thought "Ready the troops. Prepare them for battle. I want sentries on the first threee floors. Explain in a breif what is going on. if something moves other than our own forces, then shoot first and ask questions later. We know only one thing of these thingds...Their hostile". The Captain Solutes smartly." Yes Sir!". he then took up his grim face again...."Commadner?One more thing. Their not just hosile. their kintelegent. They will use themselves to help the others, soon this whole city could be swarming with them. be careful, sir," He said. "No, you becareful, Captain." said the Commander.

Less then a half hour later, an explosion shook the building. The Furios Commadner took up his radio."What the hell was that?" he yelled into the communbicater. Their was no reply. He switched channels to Centric Gaurd, the lobbie control. "Centric gaurd! What's your status?" The Reply wqas a feirce hiss of static. He switched channels to Oprea gaurd, the Second levl Defence. "Opra Gaurd! What the hell was that?". The reply was filled with gunfire and screaming in the backround. "Sir! We've lost the lobby! Those things have taken the Elevator, so we blew it up! But that was not the Explosion! I think they know how to make Furtilizer Bombs or something! they-AAAAARRRRRRRGH!!!!!!-"The rest nwas ended by static.The Commadner quickly switched channels to Captain Bryson. "Bryson! What's your statis!". "Sir! We've lost the Elevator and the first floor! their quickly filling the second!". "hold yourposition! I'll find you!". And with that, Commander Tag Dawned his uniform of battle, and grabbed his sword and Commander's Pistol. he was the Leader of this planet, and he was going to show those things the truth. his blade would bring the Emperor's wrath to the Creatures of Hell. he ran for the Stairs....

to be continued... My sister is yelling at me to get my lazy :censored: off the computer.

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