By Dire Wolf

14th Oct 2005

The dragons of Avalon have awoken from their slumber. The red dragons are the most cunning and ferocious dragons of their kind, and they breathe fire. The blue dragons are slick and powerful at the same time. They breathe lightning. The green dragons are huge and strong, and they breathe poison gas. The white dragons are the smallest and dumbest dragons of their kind, and they breathe ice. Then comes the metal colored dragons which are smart, cunning, and battle-hungry which breath fire. The dragons want each others land so they go to war with their brethren. These dragons are neither good nor bad. It just so happens that we are right in the middle of the five races. Will we live to see tomorrow?

A silver dragon whose name was Mirror was on his way back home when he met an obstacle. The obstacle was a green dragon. They went to battle with each other. The green slashed one of Mirror’s wings with its sharp powerful claws. It ripped it in a way that Mirror couldn’t hold himself up in the air anymore. He was losing the altitude fast so in order to give himself more time he took in a deep breath and shot a long streak of flame till it hit the ground. At the ground was a city. The flame hit a nearby outpost and started jumping from building to building. Using this trick Mirror was able to glide away safely and with the smoke as cover from the green dragon, he settled in a clearing, near a forest. There he nursed his wounds.

* * * * *

“The day can't get anymore exciting” said General Ford sarcastically. Their job was to make sure that nothing mysterious was happening in the area. Also they didn't allow civilians to come into the palace except if they had permission from the King or Queen.
“I don't think so, unless we caused some trouble like we used to” replied Sergeant Burrofoot.
“Ah, the good old days. Unfortunately, we can't cause any trouble or else we will get released and the King and Queen really meant it this time”sighed General Ford.
“Sir, do you see something over there or is it my eyes” said Sergeant Burrofoot.
“They’re by the flight station. What on Avalon is that?” answered Sergeant Burrofoot pointing up at the sky.
“Is that a dragon? No, that can't be. Dragons were extinct for millions of years. Why would they come back now?” said General Ford.
“I think you’re right. What do we do sir?”panicked Sergeant Burrofoot.
“Sound the alarm! Tell your royal highness that we are being attacked by dragons and if they don't believe that, tell them to come out here and look for themselves”ordered General Ford. Sergeant Burrofoot hurriedly looked for the King and Queen.
The King and Queen were in the dining hall when they heard the door burst open. It was Sergeant Burrofoot panting like is if he had run a thousand miles across the Arabian desert.
“You know you are not to disturb us during our meal. Now go outside and wait like a good Sergeant until we are finished”answered the Queen.
“I beg your pardon, my queen but there is something of great importance that you have to see”replied Sergeant Burrofoot.
“Can’t you just tell us what it is?”exclaimed the King.
“If I do tell you do you promise not to think I’m crazy and send me to the doctors. If you don’t believe me, you have to come outside and see for yourself!” begged Burrofoot.
“Fine we promise to hear you out and if we don’t believe you we will go outside by the word of the King”said the King. Sergeant Burrofoot told them all about what had happened and that the city was being attacked by dragons who were only a myth! The King and Queen hurried outside to see if it were true, to their horror it was.

* * * * *
Something had happened to Mirror. He couldn’t see anything. He tried to use magic to fix his abilities but it’s just like it disappeared. Something was horribly, terribly wrong for a dragon to lose his magic for they were creatures born with magic in their veins, in their very soul.
Even though he had lost his magic, he could still transform into a human. He transformed into a blind beggar. He wandered around until he reached the city. He kept bumping into people and buildings. By the end of the day he was bruised all over. Someone saw the condition he was in and took him inside their house. Mirror didn’t know what was happening. He was grateful and afraid at the same time. The woman that took him in was a young lady named Nasuadia. She had jet black hair with sky blue eyes. Her skin was fair even though it had a little tan on it. She gave him what little food she had. “I’ve never seen you around this city before. Are you new?” inquired Nasuadia. Mirror looked up frightened by the voice. Usually Mirror would be able to look right through the human and see what their true intention was, but since he was blind it was like trusting a person you just met on the streets.
“Yes I’m new around here. Why?”replied Mirror.
“Well like I said I’ve never seen you around here. Do you need a place to stay for the night? My father won’t be home until tomorrow evening since the incident”said Nasaudia.
“Yes that would be nice, but what incident are you talking about?” stated Mirror.
“The incident. You didn’t hear? Well, some people claim that they saw a dragon attack the city. There were flames all over the place. The strange thing about the flames is that they have a silver sheen to them. When you look into the flames, it almost looks like your looking at a mirror of you, of what you truly are. I’m sorry sir but I didn’t get your name”spoke Nasuadia.
“You may call me Mirror”

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