By Commander Fox

31st Oct 2005

I drew my coat around myself as I walked down the deserted streets of the city. It wasn't really deserted, the citizens just feared walking the city, for the gangs, along with a number of other things. I checked my watch. Almost noon. The cold of the still air bit at my ear tips, and the leaves crunched under my boots as I continued walking. Another quarter mile or so. I dressed casually, out of uniform. A long, leather, black trench coat fell short around my heels, a brown under coat and black kakies. My knee-high, steel-toe boots were black with metal support brakets. I did not want to draw attention of the gangsters, who found it "powerful" to attack athority. I had no wonder that there was no little law enforcement, if not any at all.
I came to the place finally, a hill in an old, children's park. Deserted, as expected.
I looked down into the warehouses blow, about three of them. The largest one was directly in front of me. A war factory. I had an excellent veiw of the area. It was three stories tall, and the windows and door were borded off. I carefully looked over the reinforced adamant walls. My client could do his job. I had hired a close freind of mine to bring me the head of the Red Dragons Gang leader, for a price of 50,000 gold points. He gladly acepted, though I do not believe it was my generous offer he was interested in...

I drew my binoculars and observed the factory below. The plan was in motion. My highly sensitive hearing could pick up everything.

The Tiger Soldier ejected a spent magazine from his Annihalater and smoothly slapped in a fresh one. He rolled to the side as a flurry of bullets kicked up the sand around him. He rolled to a shooting position behind a pile of discarded ammo crates, and with a single shot, tore the shooter's head clear off. He provided cover fire as his sargeant ran for the door. Another shooter appeared in an upper window, and he took a shot square through the chest, then toppled out of the window.The sargeant smashed down the door in a shower of splinters, and the tiger ran for the building as he heard the distinctive crackle of small arms fire and the answering roar of an Annihilater. He slammed into the wall a his sargeant hurled a grenade through the door, ducking back as the flames jetted out boddies, debris and shrapnel.
"Go!" yelled the Tiger, and they plunged into the smoke filled hell of the room.

I lowered my binoculars. I was imagining what was going on in there. I heard Annihilater shots, many indeed, but the Gangmembers had not enough time to return fire as they were massacred. They had got what was coming to them. I heard a smash, and a Ganger was hurled out the top story through the reinforced plywood boarding and fell to his doom, limbs flailing uselessly. He hit the ground with a dull thud.

A while later, and smoke was coming from all openings of the factory, and two figures bolted from the door and threw themselves flat as the building was ripped apart in a spectaclar explosion. The figures rose, and headed my direction.

Lakamar Sinji Removed his helmet, and ran his gauntleted paw across his scalp.
HIs voice rumbled my guts as he said,"Three minutes, fourty-two seconds. Not fast enough,". HIs sargeant also removed his helm, revealing his similarity in looks to Sinji. Lakamar was roughly under three meters tall, all 800 pounds of solid muscle.
He had a battle scared face that would frighten a child, but I knew him too well to be scared. "I beleive you owe me 50k," he said, handing me a sack that was leaking blood. He passed the test, I paid him, and we retired to my ship. As we walked through the halls of the transport, I felt something I rarley felt. All my power and command, all of it, even my physical traits, were all dwarfed by him. My servants offered refreshments all of wich were aceppted, and They took a seat on my custom maid couch, fitted especially for their kind. We drank and talked, and as night fell, the pilot let me know our destination was in three hours. I told them of their next mission, I need them ambush whome soever was breaking into my home. Who ever they were, they were good, and I needed help if I wished to put them to justice. It was not that they stole from me, but rather they were monitoring me.... NOt good.
One more 50k a soldier, and they were happy.

We dinned that night, and I showed them to their rooms. And they took to their personal grooming and whatnot after I left. My maid was happy to see Sinji again, and seviced them all she could. She had taken a fond liking to heroic actions she heard about on his Homeworld, and listened intently to his latest adventure.

That night they came again, and Sinji was ready.

I must continue this later. I have to leave. PLease tell me what you think.

To be continued


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