By Griffin Vengance

7th Nov 2005

3 months after the Great Battle of Twilight Citadel, The Saviour navigated it's way through the debris-stridden battlefield. The recyclers saluted as one when the Saviour passed, but this had become so common the Captain had gotten bored of it.
The Saviour docked at the newly built Citadel Defence Platform, and the moment the docking tunnels were pressurised the Captain was striding through them, and it was all he could do not to run. His impatience bordered on insane.
His hurry was not because of the War Meeting later that afternoon. It was not because he wanted to have a relaxing swim in the Great Pool of Pie.
It was because his love was waiting at the corrider, arms outstretched and eyes full of simple joy.
Their lips met with a furious passion, so long parted; ever since the Battle, the primeminister had taken Sarah to their apartment in the Capital, and only a couple of minutes after that the call had come for all military ships to launch and defend Flying Fortress, something they did with ease against the vastly outnumbered enemy. In case of pirates though, no commercial transports were in service and the Saviour had strict orders to maintain patrols along the major trade routes, hunting down pirates.
Finally, the meeting of all the major military commanders in the Skylord regions had been started, and the Saviour had nearly overloaded her engines to get there in time.
Finally their lips parted, and both looked very, very deeply into the other's eyes.
"What is it?"
Despite their short time together, they already knew each other better then they knew themselves.
Sarah shifted uneasily, her face a gallery of questions.
"What is it?" he repeated, now with a comforting hand.
"My father...he's dead."
Now there was a can of beans.
Speechless, the Captain allowed her to rest on his shoulder, and cry.
"How?" he whispered soflty.
"He...he ate a poisoned pie."
A snort from a passerby earned him a demotion and an enormous loss of respect from his superiors.
"They think he did it...so do I."
The Captain nodded, as if understanding what she was saying.
The two left for their apartment in complete silence save foir the occasional winge.

The Captain sat in the re-decorated Chamber of War, listening intently to the intense debate in front of his eyes.
"We mustn't make war! The Galaxy has lost over 80% of it's Fleet, and our resources are dry! Our men are tired! We need to rest, regoup and THEN strike back!"
"President, you will undoubtedly know of the gigantic debris field outside right? We caused that. It makes sense to make this into a war, not them battering us into submission. We've already lost the SCA Academy on Valaris II, and more will come if we don't return the favour. We need this!"
A voice, somehow hard as steel yet as enticing as a meadow, interrupted.
"We concur with the Warlord. We should strike back immediately."
Evereyone jumped at this, as not only had Digiat been silent all meeting, but her voice seemed to be also the voices of the other Skylords; 10 speaking as one.
It was an eerie sound.
The President sighed.
"I know when I'm beaten. I hereby give the military permission to wage total war on the Empire, using any and all resources. The Skylords hereby declare WAR."

On thousands of worlds, trillions of viewers shivered.


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