By Laurrriz

4th Dec 2005

Chapter 1 – Sigma IV

Entry 01, date 07 06 3612 according to the Tau Ceta system date

I am captain Raven, from the Tau Ceta Prime, fleet Vartiga 42.
This voice-and-mind recording disk is where I store everything which is important to me, and if you‘re reading this, either you have been given access from the Tribunal and are my second, or you have hacked the password, which is highly unbeleivable.
I woke up this morning, it wasn‘t unique, no transfers, no „crashes“.... Nothing. Suddenly the phone rings. A low-pitch voice pronounces:
- Captain Ryan Raven, you and your fleet are going to be dispatched to the planet Sigma IV, to deal with the recent uprising. Have a nice day. – Hell of a start for a day....
The door opened silently. Robots, humans, and a few Guwattas ... a normal sight, in the Tau Ceta Prime... Had to take the hyper-lift up to the 35th floor – hangars.
- Ryan ! Yo, Ryan my man what up ! – That was Jefrey, a good pilot, and a good friend too.
- Hey Jeffrey… You’re here already ? – I replied
- Yeah… those damn Chancellors push us like we’re pawns, God I’d like to kick their bums…
I silently nodded.
- a‘ight crew, we gonna‘ go to tha Sigma IV, I guess all of ya got their messages, so I ain‘t gonna waste my breath for tha briefing. – that was the fleet commander, hell of a fighter - appreaciates brawn over brains...
So I slowly climbed up the stairs of the bridge. Same bulkhead, same computers... everything is like it was before.... Though why do I get a feeling something bad is going to happen ?
- Hello captain, we‘re glad you‘re here.
- The same for you, ensign John.
Suddenly, a silent noise emoted, constantly rising... rising....
*The engines are on-line, testing weapon systems... On-line... Testing Sensors.... On-line.... All systems are go*
- Disengage fron the docking bay !
- Disenaging from docking bay...
- And we‘re off....
End of entry

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