By Laurrriz

10th Dec 2005

Entry no. 03, date 0708 3612 according to the Tau Ceta system date

Finally we arrived; the assault was delayed because of some defection in the engine room. Nothing serious, they say.
- Ok, everyone put on their suits, arm yourselves, it’s show time!
- Commander, if we are near the planet, why didn’t the rebels lay down cover fire? They should’ve picked us up because of the time spent repairing the engines?
- I don’t know, private – he shrugged.
- Ok, we’ll launch the assault pods; we won’t have radio transmission during your landing. – I said via the radio.
This entire mission was a piece of cake – the rebels don’t have the firepower to fight against the Space Soldier armament, their bullets can hardly pierce their armour.
The troops have surely landed, but still there wasn’t a signal from them.
- Do we still have those emergency suits and weapons? – I asked – or did the soldiers take them?
- Yes, we still have them, captain. Why do you ask?
- Everyone prepare themselves, we’re going to check why they haven’t replied yet.
- But sir!
- That’s an order, ensign. John – you’re in charge while I’m away
- Sir yes sir !
I put on the armour, it’s been 15 years since the last time I did that…
The assault pod disengaged from the ISS Prometheus.
- Get ready for a rough ride! – I said
The launch was quite bumpy – one of the ensigns vomited all over his suit… I feel sorry for them – never been on the frontlines before…
The assault pods’ doors opened with a loud noise, and soon our eyes saw a terrible sight… Buildings torn down to ruble, bodies lying in the puddles of their own blood, some buildings were burning…
- What the hell happened here? – I said – surely the rebels couldn’t have done this!
- Captain? Can we get back to the ship?
- Have you found out what happened here?
- No, sir…
- Then shut up and follow me.
We went to a small supply station just nearby, the door was locked, and there were strange markings on them
- Look like claws, cap’n
- Claws size of an assault rifle…
- Let’s get these doors down!
We put a C4 charge on the door and ran away. The sound of the explosion soared through the air, filling our ears with small pain.
- DIE! – Someone shouted out of the inside
Everyone fell down; one of my crewmates got hit into the arm.
- Identify yourself, human! – I shouted
- Humans? You’re people? Thank God you’ve come.
The crew slowly climbed out of the “trenches” and looked at the man. He had personal armour, with markings of the Empire.
- I… I’m sorry… I thought you were those things… - his eyes flew through everyone, stopping by ensign Lou, who got hit previously. He looked down, admitting his guilt, apologizing.
- Ah, it’ll heal – it’s only a flesh wound..
- Could you tell us more about what happened here?
- I will… but do you have some water? the supplies were very scared, and have ran out…
- Sure, I’ll just contact the ship and tell them to lay down a supply pod.
I took out my transmitter.
- Captain Raven calling ISS Prometheus, come in Prometheus.
- Come in Prometheus, this is captain Raven, come in.
Everyone was scared – why didn’t the ship’s crew respond?
- Hm… maybe the transmitter is not working.
We climbed in the assault pod, and piloted it back to the ship. Strangely, no one was there. We entered the bridge, and the sight took our breath away… Blood was washing the walls and the floor… just like down in Sigma IV. No bodies though.
- Ca… Cap… Captain? Wha… what should we do?
My mind wasn’t working… What the hell happened here?!
- Captain, look! – he showed something written on the wall… in blood…
- I think this is the time to tell us what happened down there, soldier.
The survivor was speechless.
I sighed… - We should investigate the ship… there’s nothing else to do – I said…
Whilst investigating the ship, I noticed that the Computer room’s doors had markings of claws… just like on the supply base…
The doors busted open with the help of small explosives… and what did we find if not our crewmember.
- Captain Raven?! You’ve arrived!
- Yes… only to find the blood of my crew… What happened here?
- Oh, it’s terrible; it seems that the ship that we rescued a day ago was not empty… It contained something… something terrible… A creature, unknown to man. It has caused the deaths of our crew… Our weapons do not harm this creature…
A large noise came from the nearby room…And suddenly I realized -were trapped in this ship… with no defense against the creature… with no way out…

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