By Commander Fox

12th Dec 2005

Lakamar Sinji Sat bolt up-right in his bed. He heard something. He looked to his left at the 24-hour Chronometer. 02:01. He cocked his head to the side and strained to listen. Again. It was in the kitchen, a dull clank of pans, perhaps. He drew the pistol hidden behind the headboard, wrapped the sheet around his waist, and silently padded down the hall towards the kitchen.He heard it again, this time closer and louder. He stopped at the frame of the doors to the kitchen, back to the wall, and risked a peek around the corner. Nothing. But someone was here. He could smell them, taste their fear of something...discovery, defeat, perhaps they even knew about him. He slipped silently inside in the art of a predator, pistol raised in both hands in a tactical fashion.

Earlier I had tested him and hired he and his Sargeant as Mercenary-Security to destroy whome so ever was breaking into this place, my home. It was not that they stole from me, and it was not that they tried to kill me. Strange as it was, they were rather measureing the dimensions of the walls, of the floors, and even the details in the doors for crying out loud! Who ever it was, I didn't like it. They were up to something....

The Tiger was farther now. The double doors to the pantry were just ahead, and the adjacent room behind the curtains, the study. Two steps, three, four. Once again, back to the wall at the frame of the door, Lakamar Checked his weapon. Another clang, alot louder this time. He took a deep breath, then kicking open the doors with a loud "BANG" leapt through. A small, creature, clad in a black body glove and equiped with thermal imaging device roared out in surprise and dropped the half finished meal to floor with a clatter, the pots he used to cook it still hot on the stove. He stood around 4 feet, a small cat like a miniature Sinji, only his pattern differed. He was yellow, black spots dotting his visible features. He was obvisously an off-worlder. He scrambled to reach for his weapon, but was taken off his feet and spiraled through the air into a sack of flour when Lakamar's Annihilator-Pistol Roared. A Brass shell the sive of a small, round pencil case fell to the floor with a Tinkering sound. Another hostile chattered his silenced weapon at the tiger with a flurry of clicks. Diving for cover behind the counter where the first one had been standing, he squeezed off a few shots at the shooter. His arm left his body and his throat was torn out in a spray of blood. The Tiger Scanned the kitchen for more enemies. Moments later, The door crashed open and a pair of security gaurds came rushing in, Rifles sweeping the area. "Sir! We heard Gunfire and Came as quickly as we could. Are you alright? Are you hurt?" the asked frantically as they veiwed the badly dismemberd corpse on the ground at their feet. "I'm fine. Make sure everyone else is alright. This is obviously not all of them!" ordered the Tiger. Suddenly, the door to the lounge burst open, and two guards ran in backwards, fireing their weapons throught he opening before slamming it shut. "We're under attack, Sir!" sputtered one of them."There's a shit-load of them in there!" cried the other. Lakamar looked to the others."I told you," he said. As if on cue, a c-4 explosion at the door to the Lounge sent the Guards through the air, limbs flailing uselessly. The others cracked their laser Rifles into the entrance. The tiger heard screams of agony as a number of the cats were cut down. Lakamar fired his weapon into the door, and was also rewarder by the screaming. A flurry of fully automatic fire flew in from the door, killing both men, and Lakamar had to roll out of the way to avoid death, but was not fast enough. Three bolts punctured his tough flesh, two on his right leg, and the last, of coarse, right in the butt. He was unused the the bullets not ringing off his armour, and bit his lip to keep from crying out.Fireing the last of his shots at the crowd of enemies, he finally forced them to retreat back down the halls. Exhausted, he dropped his empty pistol steaming to the ground, and rubbed at his wounds. And a moment he will never forget, the one time in his life, he was caught off guard. Two Small hands wrap around his head and neck, in a position for breaking. He knew better than to do anything stupid, if the assailant was good, he would be dead. "Don't move!" demanded the surpriseing deep voice.The Tiger felt warm blood on his back that wasn't his. It came from his enemy's gut...it was the small one he shot into the flour sack. "Good," it said calmly,"Now Come with me."
The Little cat had Lakamar in a death grip, and was now takeing him prisoner. Very Embarrasing, he thought. "I-" the little cat was cut off by a series of clicks and spasmed madly in small sprays of blood, and was driven off to slump in a corner and die. Lakamar looked up to see my Maid, clad only in a long ex-military shirt, one hand pulling it down farther for modesty, and the other clutching a steaming pistol.
"You owe me one, big guy," she said. " Thanks," he grumbled sourly. He couldn't beleive it. She saved his life from someone one-eigth his size. Truly embarrasing. But he owed her, eighther way. " I came when the guards told me where you were! The told me you were in trouble. You had me worried sick! Now look what you've done! You've yourslef shot! We'll ahve to take care of that..." he listened to her fuss about his condition while he checked her out. She still young, somewhere in her 20's, and had a good shape to her. He was blushing deeply at her affection for him. When she finished, and caught him staring at her, he started," I appreciate your concern, but perhaps you should put some clothes on before you come to the resque, eh?" he noted her slightly translucent shirt. She cocked a brow. " You should take your own advice...Lakamar." Realisation gripped him. He had lost his sheet when he dove for cover behind the counter. He looked down at himself. Damn, he thought. "My appologies," he said. She laughed as he went to retreive his sheet from where it lay. He froze, stooped as the barrel of his sargeant's weapon tracked him. He was fully clothed, Damn him. "What happend?" he dammanded. He paused and looked them both up and down. "Whoa, Lakamar," he said. "I didn't know you were so smooth with the ladies," he teased. "Shut up," he grumbled.

I paced the mansion, noting the destruction those assasins had brought. In All, I had lost over 12 guardsmen, and another 13 wounded. Other than that, the damage could be replaced, and there were no other problems other than about 7 of the creatures escaped int their ships. WE had our turrets track their destination to Syrnix, a jungle world from the outer ring. When I informed the Tigers of our departure, they were teaming with joy.

I have to go now. Sorry for the crappy ending!


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