By Commander Fox

6th Jan 2006

The Red Sun set hazy ove the steamy Jungles of Syrinx, casting a Grey-hue over the Sky and silloueting the tropical palmtrees and ferns. Suddenly, a Napalm-Cloud ripped skywards, sweeping the Jungle area with white-hot pflames, incinerating tress and jungle and the snipers concealed within. Their screams were long and loud as they were reduced to ashen skeletons. A primal roar of Hundreds echoed across the scene as Tigers poured across the Destroyed terrain like ants, yelling and roaring at the top of their lungs as the enemies struggles to load their heavy-callibre mount weapons in their bunkers..their only defense against the Orange-Stripped Killing machines. They simply just shrugged off small arms fire that would stop the men in their tracks. I watched safely in orbit on my Command Ship through the eyes of Captain Irwin Kart. The Pict recorder mounted in the visor of his helm showed the hellish Jungle through a cat's eye. It bobbed up and down as he and the power-Armoured Giants thundered through the remains of the trees toward the terrified humans. Rapid-fire bullets pepperd through the air at the Tigers, ricocheting off of armour and imbedding in shoulder-guards. A few lucky shots punched through weak points, and a few of the Tigers tumbled and fell where they were slain. Still the Fearless warriors charged, a few hundred yards to the defenses...

Kart Raised his Annihilator with one arm and fired four controlled burts at the bunkers. A human gunner spasmed violently in sprays of blood and was dismembered by the lethal ammunition and accuracy the Tiger put forth. I smiled. The storm of the base of operations was going well...

The recording was slightly fuzzy, but I still ahd a clear enough image. More tigers were now swapping fire with the bunkers as they ran, and I watched as a human's head exploded like a water mellon. Another Tiger fell as Heavy Fire exited out his back in crimson-sprays. Suddenly, Kart's world exploded underneath him. The Pict recording showed the ground get farther away, a good 10 feet, the slowly revolved as if flipping, sky, ground, sky, groung, sky, ground, each time the ground closed.
There was a sickenig thud and the pict recorded was attacked by a period of static, then once again, it went online. Half-burried, the pict recorder raised, shook violently when the Tiger shook his head, then was up and bobbing towards the Defence again. The humans's faces were clear in detail now, horror main masks on their faces. Kart Roared with his own squad down to half thier number and lept over the top of the bunker. He could hear the men inside now over the din of the weapons fire, "OshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOshit!". He smiled, axe already in his huge claws, and kicked down the door in a shower of metal shaveings the men screamed, there were three of them. One fainted, another fumbled for a weapon, and the other ran to corner and asumed the fetal postition, sucking his thumb. The tigers were already upon them, Hacking them to peices. The Man who went for his gun was wasted with so many annihilator Bolts his top half was forced through the vision slit of the fortification. His legs slid down the wall in a trail of blood. The man in the corner soiled himself when a tiger lifted his leg and stomped on his pitiful head, which popped lick a tick. The man whom had fainted had his head shot, so he would never wake. Radio transmissions were recieved with similar results of the final bunkers being captured. Kart touched is own vox-link and transmitted, "All clear, sir. Awaiting your arival and preparing for the final storm! Commander Sinji is clear for Drop!". The Tiger to my left Nodded. He walked over to the drop pod and laid down in the body postition, loading his Annihilator and sword in with him. The Crew Foxen secured him in, closed and sealed the hatches, Saluted smartly, and backed to the control panel. There was a deafaning "POW" as the pod was propelled toward the world, boosted by high powered rockets, and I watched the small craft ignite in the upper atmosphere as it plummeted toward the world below like an astroid. I watched my crew members prepare my own pod and stared out the window at the jungles below. I knew why we where here. The assasins who attacked my house were tracked to these coordinates, and here we would find my assailant. I Smiled. When Kart had massacred the men defending, on tape I had caught sight of the insignia symblolised on their uniforms....My Good old Rival and Arch Nemisis...yes, you guessed it, Holy Dreadnought. We had him now. Tiger assault Ships drifted in orbit with commands to detonate any object leaving the planet, no matter how trivial it was. I watched the tiger ships standing by, and saw they too were launching much larger pods, surely with more passengers towards the planet. Suddenly my Transmission Screen flickered, and A bone-chilling voice said, "Hello, Fox. We fight again," "Yes," I replied," but this time you will not escape!"
"What makes you so sure, Fox?" he said." I have had you in similar situations...yet we always manage to get away from one another..." "This time it's diffent" I pressed. "Have you seen your main defense bunkers?" There was a pause...
"Oh, no! I have lost a few men and some bunkers! Ooo! Scary! Some stuffed-animals have come to get me! Oh no! What shall I Do? What shall I do?" there was a sniggering laugh. "You think you have the strenght, little Fox? look to your right. See the Tiger's ships?" "Yes, what about them?" "Keep watching....Now." I looked to my horror as a stream of blueish-green colored dots lead from the planet and up to the ship.They circled into a beam, then there was a flash that forced me to close my eyes tight shut. When i opened, all I could hear was screaming on the vox-links, and a marrow-chilling cackle. The Ship was smoldering star dust. "See you around, Foxy!" he taunted." I have to deal with your troops. You displease me.... I was expecting greater!" He went off line. THis was not good. He had my tail in a knot, and he damn well knew it.

I cannot continue with the main story right now, short of time, you see. But it will be finished! I promise! This is just a morsel for you to hold over till it's done.


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