By Naltsa Abe

8th Jan 2006

A couple sit at a fire place, the fire burning softly, the wind a gentle breeze, the couple sit peacefully and are enjoying every second of life with the other. They look out onto the rolling lush green hills; they have all the time in the world.

Those are the memories I have before this terrible time…

It was nearly 3 years ago to the day that I last saw you, and these times of years are always the worst, Its as if they know exactly the time to attack, it is as if they know my pain and they dig the sword deeper, They know not my resolve, for while they may think this is the right time to attack, they are gravely mistaken. Do they know not the power of True love, do they know not the punishment I will receive in the afterlife if I let them through, to her, my family, and my children, they have chosen the wrong time.

Awoken with a Blast in the morning has become my life, They send wave after wave against us and while we are only trying to hold them the commanders soon know that we will have to repel and counter attack.

The artillery that is my job to direct are the most devastating in our arsenal. They have plasma bombs attached and because of the armour created by our master smith, Deemers, we are immune to the effects of plasma, they can be dropped on our head and still we will live while they die…

They are the Imperial Armies of the empire, they believe they can beat us, they have a good reason for that, they have beaten everyone else…. The Citadel fell 3 years ago allowing them to invade our space, they decimated solar system after solar system, They hastily erected outpost, has not just held the empire, but made them think twice, They once offered peace, but our Gods Demand Revenge for the destruction of the Citadel and the Murder of 100 Billion Humans.

Their last attack was by far the closest they have done, we had to fight hand to hand with our swords after they got in too close for our tanks to do any more damage, while the master smith Deemers has made long range artillery with plasma, the tanks are slowly being upgraded, and for some reason they believe fortifying our retreat with them will help more than at the front…

Anyway… they attacked with an energy shield which I promptly ordered an attack upon, the artillery and tanks eventually broke the shield but by then the tanks had no choice but to try and suppress reinforcements and not support us and the artillery well, the artillery is busy taking out a fleet of assault troops on our flanks, We are after all the elite of the army, pretty much all that is left of the Army, The rest are new recruits so we were left with the task of breaking the center of this attack, Their armour could not get through our tank bombardment but there infantry is so many and so well protected against everything but the sword and plasma that they got through and for some reason they believed us not to be here because they walked in a standard stagger formation, the first wave never even reached us the Mines sorted them out.

The second wave however well they came in an offensive formation which our intelligence officers called a defensive formation… Anyway, they got past our guns and we had no time to reload, we had to draw our swords… For 3 hours we fought without reinforcements or hope of artillery. All that kept us alive was the thought of that which we fought to protect, for me that was you, a third of our men however died at that battle, Hardened Vets, Professionals, Heroes…. They were replaced by soldiers from the flanks, ones who were Hardened, if only a little…

Anyway I wish I was home with you and I wish I could take us somewhere away from war, but as we both know, the Empire is everywhere but here, they will have to be defeated, the impossible task is now mine

Major Naltsa Abe
3rd infantry division
Astlan Outpost, Omega Sector

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