By Naltsa Abe

15th Jan 2006

We are no longer in the business of taking prisoners, I was ordered to lead a platoon to support our troops on the flank who had been having a hell of a time, taking the brunt of the artillery and even with the plasma artillery backing them up they were being overrun, We came upon there flank launching grenades and skirmishing with them, they had completely overrun our men by this time, as we pushed them off we looked for prisoners, we found none, they had executed all that they captured, hacked up and decimated.

After reporting our find the Generals ordered the Execution of all Empire soldiers capture;
“Following the murder of 100 captured soldiers in the omega sector all enemy troops captured or otherwise will be executed”

Today the order came through from the top brass, we were to charge and capture the enemy Command post, we will have full plasma artillery and now the new plasma bomber support, the objective was surprising close and was discovered by accident…

The discovery came when an attack upon our sector of the line was rebuffed, we chased some of them down to prevent them reforming. The counter attack worked well, the enemy ran for their lives, we broke their lines and hunted down as many as we could.

As we regrouped one solider reported the finding and a massive building complex near the front satellite images and infra red showed this to be a heavy base of operations potentially the Command post of their armies on Astlan.

The plasma bombardment started on cue and it seemed we had already won the air battle as our battleships also bombarded them, The guns stopped and we charged, firing and slashing anything left alive, of the 500 who charged only 47 were killed, the bombardment had decimated them

We surrounded the complex and charged into the bunkers, grenades cleared rooms fast enough and before long we were assaulting the main keep, the door solid steel, needed our sappers, Getting sappers through those counter attacks was no easy task, their snipers where only after them, our boys managed to get enough to the door after 1 hour, We lost 150 men outside that complex.

With the door blown and our weapons reloaded we charged the courtyard, where 700 of soldiers waited for us. The fighting in that courtyard was horrific, to think that man could once do this to themselves echoed this great courtyard, The Empire it seems were not good enough to hold us, once they fired there first shot our samurai massacred them, They especially seemed unable to take simple martial arts.

After 3 hours in that courtyard the officers of their army surrendered, and were promptly thrown off the top tower, the documents we found showed a supply root from Demeter…

Major Naltsa Abe
3rd infantry division
Astlan Outpost, Omega Sector


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