By Griffin Vengance

24th Jan 2006

The Captain walked the streets of Twilight Citadel with a sullen walk. Even the happiest person in the world would feel depressed here; and the Captain was far from the happiest guy in the world.
The fact of the matter was, the Skylords were losing the war.
And as much as the military tried to hide that fact, everyone knew.
Businesses were being shut down, as well as shops. Crime bosses were loading up ship colonies and taking them into deep space, to hide. Recruitment was at an all time low, even before the start of the war; people just didn't have the heart to fight.
Their depression was explained in one simple look at a Galatic Status Monitor.
Blue and gold blips represented the Skylords, angry red the Empire...and the Skylords held barely 25% of the Galaxy. Even worse, that 25% was in the Galatic Core, the middile of the galaxy.
The Skylords were surrounded.
The Captain walked faster.
He was headed to a meeting of all the military commanders who weren't already engaged, which wasn't many. The Saviour was in orbit at the moment, ready to launch at a moments notice. All of the Skylords short of the Wizard who was currently engaged at Jabiim IV were present, but as he walked in the Captain's fears were confirmed; rumour was that this meeting was for the military to consider surrender.
For to the disheartened soldiers, that was their only other option unless they were going to fight to the death.
The Captain took his seat, and within five minutes Chaos stood, and the lights focused. His face was the very epitome of desperation.
"My friends...I know popular rumour. That we're here to consider surrender. BEFORE we get onto that matter however, I want a planetary status report from all of you, so we have a clearer picture of the situation.
As the commanders and generals began their reports, the Captain gazed bored at the Skylords seated on the platform, and noticed something very, very odd.
It was Cydonia's face.
Instead of looking sad, bored or anxious...she looked impatient.
The Captain frowned.
After the reports were finalised and the gigantic Galatic Status Screen was updated, Chaos spoke again.
"Now...onto the matter of surrender. I won't beat around the bush, or cushion this with happy lies. You deserve to hear it straight."
At that moment, one could practically hear a pin drop.
"We are NOT going to surrender!"
The group of men and women seated in front of him stared, stunned.
Chaos smiled, and gestured to Cydonia.
She took up her cue and moved to the screen.
"We have concocted a plan to strike back at the Empire. It's daring, and dangerous, and if it fails it leaves us all in very real danger.
Many of you know of the invisibility technology developed by my homeworld a few decades back. We plan to use this. At this very moment our best ship, the Saviour (she glanced at the baffled Captain) is being outfitted with a cloaking device. The Saviour will go to Pholaran VI, and deploy covert ground forces there. All fo you should know that Pholaran VI is their base for the Beta Quadrant of the Galaxy. The Saviour will then use any covert means nessecary in a continous manner to sabotage the enemy's defences and ships, and when ready send a signal to a nearby strike force. The strike force, known as Strike Force Angels will be lead by the Saviour's sistership, the Messiah. The Angels will attack the enemy at the front, while the Saviour will de-cloak and kick them in their backsides. A lot of operations are on standby the re-take the entire quadrant, as we take advantage of their loss of communication. The Saviour departs in 7 days, and departs at 7pm on Friday. Any questions?"
She allowed a slight pause to come on, waiting for the inevitable question.
"What about the Core worlds?", one general asked anxiously.
"Intelligence will create shadow-ships and use their best tech to make the enemy think that we will still be defending them. Like I said, it's risky."
The group of suddenly energised men and women were stunned...in a pleasant sort of way.
The Skylords prepared swiftly for their strike.
And the Empire just stared blindly, unaware of their impending doom.


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