By Griffin Vengance

6th Feb 2006

The Saviour pierced the dark night gracefullly, her silver plating making her look downright beautiful as she cruised the stars. She was on an important mission, one that would turn the tide of the war that had laid waste to the Galaxy.
And if they failed...well, nobody wanted to think about it.

The Captain of the mighty warship sat in a hunched stance, brow furrowed. Unlike Cydiona, he didn't really trust this technology; the only reason why it hadn't become standard among warships was because of it's notorious unreliability. And they definitely didn't want it malfunctioning during their infiltration.
After studying a map of the system for a while, he decided to settle the Saviour down inside the vast subterrean system of one of the larger planetoids, where they would effectively be invisible. The last geological survey done by the former inhabitants of the system had concluded that the planetoid was safe; but then again, that had been 20 years ago.
Still, it was an ideal base of operations to launch their sabotage attacks, and would be excellent for their needs.

The Saviour was now nearing the edge of Skylordian space. There was no visible trace of that fact on the viewscreen; the Empire could conquer the Galaxy for all nature cared. But the crew knew.
And they knew it was time.
One after the other, each and every one of them announced system readiness for Cloak Activation, and with great regret the Captain gave the order.
The lights dimmed eerily, and the Saviour shimmered into nothingness.

The next couple of hours were tense. One could practically taste the dripping sweat, as the Saviour passed enemy strongholds and squadrons of ships. Despite the fact that there was no need for quiet; after all, sound din't travel in space; there was an edgy silence on the bridge.
"Sir," the helm officer practically whispered, "we're 10 seconds away from I-Flight arrival."
The Captain nodded.
"Steady as she goes McGregor. Try not to bump into one of them."
A short laugh punctuated the vacuum.
The Saviour made slow and steady progress towards the planetoid on the far side of the planet.
As they neared three quarters of the way, one of the patrol ships, a big squat cruiser suddenly broke off from it's patrol and headed straight for them, it's weapon ports quite thankfully not yet powered up.
Slowly and quietly, the captain whispered for the crew to get ready.
The cruiser stayed there for a minute, as if pondering its next move and to the great relief of the Saviour turned back to its patrol.
"Continue course McGregor. Try to keep it as quiet as possible."
He only got a quick acknowledging nod.

The Saviour finally, oh so finally reached hole ridden planetoid, and the Saviour edged its way into an enormous cavern. With a sigh of relief that was echoed throughout the ship, The Captain gave the order to stand down the Cloak and take up camp.

They might be there for a long time.


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