By Commander Fox

13th Feb 2006

Lakamar Sinji's Drop pod had been shaken off coarse violently. He had to barrel roll out of the way of a giant beam which had shot from the ground up and obliterated one of his ships, and had lost control. Spiraling down, Lakamar clenched his teeth and prayed to the Friendship for forgiveness if he was to die. Here came the ground...closer...closer..."30 seconds until impact" beeped the computer. A rune on the control board flashed amber, advising he brace for impact, which he did so.

30 seconds was like an hour as he plumeted down, crashing through trees and a thick canopy before smashing into the earthand sending debris of earth and showers of soil into the air. Smoke trailed from the wrecked vehicle, and the hatches blew. Lakamar lept out, Annihilator leveled , ready for action. But all was silent, save for the call of the jungle birds. A thick haze had drifted form a nearby pond and Lakamar found himself knee deep in the thick, white fog encircled his legs. He scanned the foiladge around, keeping his annihilator aimed at his sight.
He reached into a pouch on his belt, keeping his eyes focused on the terrain around him, and pulled a navigator from it. Flickering to life, the screen lit up, high lighting the trail to the destination. His ear twitched in the direction of a faint "click as a twig was crushed. His body whipped around, annihilator safety off, and and already had his lock on the Fox that stood before him. This was like the foxes I commanded, but clad in a loin cloth and weilding a ceremonial spear instead of the lethal combat rifle. His face was lined with scars and warpaints, as was the rest of his body and tail. He was very well built, and serious-faced. He must have been someone important.

Lakamar stared down the site of his weapon before asking gruffly, "Who are you? Don't move! Keep your hands where I can see them...". The fox opened his arms, bowing low respectfully. His frail voice showed no fear as he spoke, "Harm me not, my Angel of Destruction, as we have been waiting so excitedly for you, and in all humble, it is the greatest thing I could ever hope to achieve in my life time to stand in your presence..." he rose slowly. "You have been looked upon as a father to us all, though you have never seen us or spoken with us, you are the answer toour prayers..." "What do you mean?" Said the Tiger, keeping his Annihilator tracked on the creature before him. "We have only just recently arrived, to assualt the forward Command Center of a menace who must be brought to justice. I am not an Angel, and I am not here for your salvation. And what do you mean 'We'? How many are you?". The Fox shook his head "No...No...you ARE an Angel...We prayed for hours for help...and you fell from the sky!" his voice was desperate as he lifted a shaky hand towards the smokeing drop pod. The Tiger looked over his shoulder. " You must believe the Prophecy, foretold by the Shamans that A mighty hero would arrive, and lead to victory over the Blood-God whom dwells in the evil constructs over the hills..." said the fox shifting his pointing finger toward the direction of the objective. Lakamar Lowered his annihilator. "Take me to these constructs.." he ordered. " First you must come with me to the villiage" said the fox. He turned, marching through the foiladge towards the mountians. The Tiger had no choice, really. He followed.

Over lush jungles, through ancient trees, and under massive waterfalls, the Tiger was guided by the mysterious fox. Waist deep in a pinkish colored river where the fox had brought him, who was now on his tip-toes and up to his neck in the river, holding his spear high above as to not let it get wet. Lakamar was led up to another waterfall, which cascaded down a rocky cliff, concealing a rock wall. The fox stopped and turned face the tiger. "This is it." he said, then turned and dissappeared under the fall. Lakamar's helmet sensors scanned the waterfall, and pierced its thickness to reveal the cavern behind. The thermal image high lighted the fox waiting paciently on the other side, almost treading water now. Lakamar went through. The fox was wadeing through tothe other side of the cavern, which was thickly covered in vines. Once again, the tiger's sensors found an empty back to the drapes. The thermal image of the fox passed through them. He followed again, but had to suddenly squeeze his eyes shut to avoid the bright light. It took him a few seconds to realize that he was staring at the sun. He realeased the clamps on his helmet and removed it with both hands, then he was in the largest primative civilization he had ever seen. The pinkish fluid which they had been wadeing through plumeted down a good 4 meters into a pink-colored lake at the bottom. A platform fashoned from a tree root served as a bridge onto the bank of land on the right side of the lake, where the cicvilisation spanned for miles. Tents made from sticks and draped animal skins covered the land. Foxes walked about on the bank, and the Tiger could not tell them apart, but he saw his guide, who had already dropped onto the shore and was running for a large tent in the middle of the span, crying out joyously in a forieng tongue. The citizens stopped and where looking at him strangely, when they looked over to Lakamar. Some screamed with joy and ran also, in directions to their homes, once again, in thier language. Others dropped to thier knees and bowed low, half weeping half laughing as they prayed thanks to the powers above. Lakamar lept off the bridge into the shallows of the lake, landing heavily and makeing a splash, but he walked up the shore into the villiage. He make the people out clearly now, women, children, and men. All stareing in awe at a prophecy foretold which they believed would never happen. To them, it watching a prayer walk up to thier city. They crowded behind him, praying and murmering behind his back as he walked. He finally made it to the Largest tent in the town, where the guide stood with his spear to the right of a another fox. But this one was old, grey all over, hunched on his cane, a viel tied across his eyes. The guide was grining broadly. "Welcome, my Angel..." cracked the old grey one, "to Nebarchanezzar, the last Foxen cityof this world. All you see before you, is all we have left," he explained. "The man to my right is Ghengis, the one who found you....these are the citizens before you..." the fox said, pointing first to the guide, then to people behind him, who were still praying and murmering behind him. Some of the rather brave children had dared to sneak closer, examining is every body part and peice of visible equipment. He noticed the men in the crowd were paying special attention to his annihilator and pistol. "Come," said Ghengis, motioning to the entrance of the tent. The elder entered first, then Ghengis, followed by Lakamar.

The tent was thick with smoke. Foxen warriors lined the walls, from which hung great tapestries of victories and heroes. The Elder hovered around a great altar, lit by candles, and prayers scrawled on papyrus ribboned from the top. BUt what shocked the Tiger the most was the tapestry hung above the altar. It depicted an giant, clad in great power-armour that was striped black and orange, standing atop a pile of dead enemies, one arm raised out, clutching a banner marked with the silver-lined "LS" struck through with a lightning bolt. The other arm was raised, aiming down the pile of bodies, in the hand clutched tight an annihilator, flames gouting from the barrel and larg shells pumping out of the side. The figure was a tiger, a bright, golden halo hovering above his head, and great, white-feathered wings sprouting from his back. At the bottom of the pile, being torn apart, was an evil shadow, stained with blood, years of a reign of terror sewn into him. This must have been the blood-god. Genghis shuddered at its depiction. Lakamar was lost for words.

My personal fighter launched from the deck with my escorts, and we punched into the destination pad the quickest and safest route to land. The massive assault ship, packed with troops, followed our lead. It was time to take the REAL fight to dreadnought....

Sorry guys, but I have to go. Can't finish right now. IT shall be continued!!!!!!!!

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