By Griffin Vengance

10th Mar 2006

Inside a training arena on the Imperial Outpost Unyielding Shield, two blades clashed, separated and clashed again. They shone like silver, but a faint glow covered them giving them an illusion of beauty.
One who has ever survived fighting these cold blades never forgets however.
The two warriors wielding them, one jet black and young while the other was sleek silver and middile aged sweated heavily, their bodies only sluggishly responding to the mind's will. They had been fighting for a good hour; one untrained in Sangheili swordplay would be convinced that the two were tring to slaughter each other...when in fact, this was one of their favourite pastimes; their idea of fun.
As the black one, a special ops soldier who went by the name of G'tynol, blocked a a direct thrust from his senior officer F'Tassionis and both deactivated their blades when the arena timer signalled the end of their session with a loud, resonating bong. Both bowed with almost religious reverance.
"You're learning well. Some of those moves would confound a standard warrior."
G'tynol couldn't help but smile.
"Come on; admit I had you on that second jump!"
"Nonsense. I was merely testing to see if you were fast enough to take the opening."
Both of the Sangheili brothers simultaneously reached for their communicators when they bleeped an urgent tone.

Five minutes later, the two of them were in the Control Center, looking over the shoulder of a nervous blue officer.
On the screen in front of them, a small metoerite was shooting through the atmosphere, and if their eyesight was serving them well tiny jets was stabilising it.
"Sir? Should I order a missile strike on it?"
The silver System Commander shook his head.
"It's just another human probe; no worries. They won't find anything new. Leave it be, and send the closest patrol to deactivate it when it lands."
The blue and black Sangheili frowned at their commanding officer's arrogance about the system's defences, but decided not to argue.
One did not argue with arguably the most formidable bladesman in the Galaxy.

If one to have been looking at when the fake meteorite landed, had infared equipment, had excellent eyesight plus a startling familiarity with picking out shapes then there was a slight possibility that the insertion team could have been detected; however, all that was there was 5 bored alien soldiers.
They payed for their boredom with their lives.
The 4 Special Forces soldiers, which included elements of the formidable SAS, Desert Legionaires and Delta Force silently disposed of the bodies in a nearby caves, and without a sound split up, all with their own objectives.
Colonel Jack Trent, veteran solider of Delta Force was tasked with setting up a Spike Tactical Nuclear Bomb (nick-named a STNB) inside the alien power plant; it was a difficult mission...one he embraced. Even though it involved him detonating it the moment he set it up.
Seargant Lusionie Jambon, or "Nate" of the Legionaires had to make contact with the local Skylords resistance, and organise them into an effective army.
Seargant Terry Ball, or "Golden Balls" of the SAS had the objective of single-handedly capturing the anti-orbital turret control center...
And an inexperienced Private John Guns had the job of assassinating the Imperial Commander of the system.

Suffice to say, the Empire would have it's hands full.

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