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By Emoticon10D

23rd Mar 2006

Upon recieving an epistolary from my Board Computer, I realized an that would strike fear into the bravest of commanders.

I realized that my kingdom would fall to the hands of a tyrant.

An appeasement would do us no good here. This tyrant can't be trusted...

My abdication from the throne, an abdication that would allow him to take over everything I have struggled day and night to build, would be unacceptable, for I can't let this evil enslave my race and use them in whatever manner he sees fit.

Through his message, I read a line that says this is a "Divine Intervention." A "call" hor him to become an elite force in the Galaxy.

This...soverign...or autocrat... has even refused every peace treaty that was proposed to him by my council and I.

He has conquered many systems...and he will stop at nothing to decimate ours...

Now, I'm at an impasse...

I can either watch my kingdom fall before an unforgiving force...or I can declare war. A war that we have a minute chance of succeeding in...

And he hasn't even revealed his name...

Now, on this very day, our nation declares war upon our opressor...
The "Impasse" war.

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