By Emoticon10D

25th Mar 2006

Section A:

The time has past very quickly. Though it has only been fourty-eight hours, I lay if it were two minutes. It was at that time in which I recieved another message on my Board Computer. The strange thing about this message was the bare fact that it was a Direct Link, in which I would be able to communicate with the Autocrat in real time...face to face, as one would say.

My hands trembled as I reached and push the "accept message" button...

"This is Emoticon10D, of the smiley nation. I am standing by to recieve your message."

...No response...

"I repeat, this is Emoticon 10D. Please respond"

...Still no response.

I reached for the "end message" button, but my instincts (and fear of angering my new foe) forbade me from successfully carrying out my intended action. After a tense thirty seconds, I heard a faint buzz...

"Your time is running out, Emoticon. Have you considered my demands?"

I sat and thought. A lot was at stake for my people...

"I have taken your demands into consideration. However, I REFUSE to accept any of them. If you wish to enslave my planet, you must do so by force. My nation will NOT relent..."

The tyrant said nothing...

"Is this clear to you, "autocrat"," I said impatiently.

At that very moment fear struck me, as an "Image Link" appeared on my Board Computer."

The opressor of my a young female child.
A mere child...with skin of radience and hatred in her eyes that pained my soul.

This Matriarch had to be stopped

Section B:

Puzzled, many questions presented themselves before me. Many of which were dire to the safety of my nation...

I veered towards my Boards screen and asked a basic question.
"What buisness do you have with our nation? Surely, this matter can be resolved peacefully..."

The Matriarch chuckled insanely. It soon came to an abrupt stop as this mighty prepared to speak.

I know not of this "peace" that you speak of...
For centuries, our species has been oppressed by the males of many nations. We soon fled to a distant uninhabited planet that was hidden by cosmic debree (rendering planet sensors useless)."

"Our nation has nothing do with your past problems. However, we are willing to help you in your struggle," I said hastily.

"Your efforts can NOT help our nation...
To describe our nations problem, bluntly, ...we have an issue with our population..."

I staired at her, confused.

"Our population is capable of producing only females. Therefore, we would be extinct if it weren't for our nations quick thinking.
We were opressed by the males of other nations...we were altered by the planet we now occupy, and we need to expand our kingdom...

Therefore, we must enslave your kingdom and use it as we see fit."

At this point, my rage began to grow. Enslaving my people for the purpose of expanding a population for war purposes filled me with discust.

..."So be it. War is declare-"
The transmition ended...

It is to begin today...a war that is to ensure the freedom of my people.

Though it seems impossible to defeat such a force, we are not alone. My nation has a secret weapon...or many secret weapons.

The Pet Smiley...

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