By Griffin Vengance

17th May 2006

Seargant Lusionie Jambon, or Nate to her comrades, stopped as she approached the caves. With long-trained awareness she scanned the cave entrance, then quickly spotted a golf-ball sized hole sticked out of a rock, as well as some rather unconvincing shadows.
"Amateurs.", Nate grinned.
When nothing happened, she re-considered; these fellows obviously weren't going to be fooled.
So, with a purposeful step she walked inside, her index finger barely touching the trigger of her rifle. She knew that if the soldiers hadn't been fooled, then they had night vision equipment; meaning that the Skylord symbol as well as her allegiance to the fallen Skylord Digiat were blazing clear for all to see.
The mark of the elite Legionaires was hard to miss too.
After navigating the pitch black cave system for a good half mile, she finally reached a sturdy old fashioned durasteel gate. She patiently waited for a minute, then very impatiently shouted,
"Please. I have enough explosives to blast through three times that thickness. Open the goddamned door already!"
Without a sound, the door opened and she passed three checkpoints...then finally emerged into a gigantic cavern.
Amazingly, there was a city in it!
Nate stared and stared. This place, this subterranean city was more advanced geologically wise then anything the other Skylordian planets had ever dreamed of. There was everything here, from small middle class houses to enormous mansions, from small primary schools to what looked like anciennt universities.
"Ancient?" Nate thought with amazement.
These folks must have grown up underground; it probably explained why there was so few buildings and cities above ground. And it also served as a perfect base to rebel against the Empire.
Finally, she and her escort reached a military headquarters, and without any haste she was introduced to General Grundy.
"Seargant. In simple terms, what the hell are you doing here?"
"Piescops." she replied with a grin.
"Terraspam." he replied with a nod. "Nice to know you kept to protocol; so you're really a Legionaire?"
Nate nodded.
"Good. What is your objective here?"
"I was part of an elite special ops unit. When we landed, we split onto different missions. Mine is to help you train your soldiers and organise them a little better, as well as telling you where to strike in rebellion."
The general frowned.
"You know full well that we wouldn't win such a battle, and even if we did we'd just be slaughtered by spatial bombardment. And those forces are way too strong for you guys to risk an assualt. I've kept in touch with the news."
At this, Nate smiled.
"The Skylord Council concocted a plan that would secure Pholaran VI and eventually the entire Beta Quadrant. It's complicated, but if we can get the rebellion to succeed then the space battle will be a lot easier. They're throwing everything they've got into this General. The best ships in the Core will be here, and the Saviour is here already. Do you agree to a rebellion?"
The General laughed heartily.
"Are you kidding? We're sick and tired of stewing Seargant. We want action. Trust me when I say you've got the entire Pholaran Army at your side in this fight."
He paused, then grinned.
"All three million soldiers."
She chuckled at Nate's slowly lighting up face.

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