By Griffin Vengance

21st May 2006

Deep inside an asteroid in the Pholaran asteroid belt, one captain conversed with another. There are many ways to describe their relationship; it is curious however, how in the five long years of war one daughter of a politician had grown to become captain of a vessel that was nearly as famed as the Saviour itself. Together, the two discussed the future of the galaxy.
"So if the Ferret and the Messiah move bere, that should exploit the turrets," Sarah concluded.
"Good thing too; the special ops soldier we assigned to take the turret center was unsuccessful," he replied regretfully. "Unsuccessful" was another word for "Captured"...ie, torture. The fellow had already taken his suicide filling in his teeth, but only after 6 hours of horrific torture, all clear to watch from his iris-cam.
With a slightly more somber tone, the Captain of the Messiah inquired further.
"And the others?"
At this the Captain of the Saviour smiled.
"Colonel Trent was successful in destroying the power plant...and a few thousand alien soldiers with it. Private Guns knows to make his move when the attack begins. And Lusionie Jambon had made contact with the resistance; three million soldiers worth of ground support, plus they'll be coming from where the aliens least expect it."
Sarah nodded.
"Then to war we march. I'll discuss the plan with the Angels in I-Flight. Cya there."
She closed her eyes and muttered a silent order.
'And keep your damned head down for once.'
With an energy she didn't feel, she pushed away from her chair in her ready room and strode onto the bridge.
She went to a comn panel and keyed in a channel to the entire squadron.
"Ok everyone. This is it. It's time for the Angels to get to business. I'd hate to be late when the Saviour gives them a kick up the behind. It's our job to show them the might of the Angels, and shove where the sun don't shine. Prep for heavy cruiser combat, stationary space-station siege and precise planetary bombardment. Get the landers filled too. Let's go kick some ass."
She couldn't help but smile at the whoop the crews gave her. If this war could have been won by words or confidence, they'd have won it a long time ago.
She silenced the comn, then sat down on her captain's chair, the "hot seat".
"You heard me everyone. Get prepped. Ensign Reaves, get the squadron-link up to date and give me a launch in one minute."
The bridge seemed to freeze with anticipation, even though everyone still worked.
The rearguard Angel "Sphinx" moved into position.
"6..." The I-Flight drive hummed.
"3..." Beautiful white flickers emerged...
"Launch." The white flickers engulfed the Angels, and escorted them through the stars.

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