By SuperSmithie09

7th Aug 2006

Jack trudged through the muck filled swamp, his squad behind him. He knew he was lost but his men didn't know that. He could still get them off of this swamp filled planet. As soon as his tracking system kicked on he would know exactly where he was. His thoughts traveled back to the day before, he and several other Commanders had been sent on what seemed a routine mission, they were to set off at daybreak and trek 10 miles to the north through a small wooded area, they then were to take a few readings, explore the surrounding terrain and report back to base at the end of the day. They had set off the next morning without a glitch and trekked half the distance when things started to get weird, Their equipment began to fail, and they soon became lost in an ever thickening wall of fog, The terrain began to get softer and the air more moist. The vegetation began to change as well, no longer the bright colors, but a dark blackish color. They began to smell a odor, at first it was only a small tint in the air, but then it began to grow into an overwhelming stench. They had just about given hope of finding their way out when they saw a large clearing ahead, in the center of the clearing stood a large metallic building surrounded by large bleak walls. Their hopes lifted as they began to think that the building was one of many outposts in the so called forest. As they got closer they realized something was wrong, the air had cleared up when they entered the clearing but as they got closer to the compound another smell arose, a foul smelling rotting stench. When they had gotten several hundred yards away from the walls they noticed black smudges and deep cuts in the walls. The ground was wet and sticky near the entrance and they Commanders called a halt. They called to each other and discussed plans to search the building inside. After several minutes they choose 12 of their most experienced soldiers to enter the compound and determine the whether it was safe to enter, while the rest of the squad set up a perimeter around the entrance and waited. No more than 15 minutes had passed when a bloodcurdling scream and the distinct sound of gunfire rose out of the compound. As the soldiers outside gaped in fear at the entrance a large beast leaped out form behind a pile of rubble and landed on a soldier. his bones snapping under the weight of the creature. It quickly reached out with one hand grasped the head of the dead soldier, with a sickening crunch it ripped it off and bit into the side, fluids ran from the sides of its mouth and its growled in glee. One of the soldiers outside screamed with terror and began shooting at the beast, it raised its wolf-like head and glared at the men beyond the gate. it stood motionless for several seconds and then lifted its head and screamed in fury and several other screams responded. The commanders began ordering their men to fire upon the beast. It withstood the barrage of bullets without moving or making a sound, then it dropped to all fours and charged at the men with incredible speed. The soldiers broke rank and ran into the forest those who were slower were leapt upon and torn to pieces. the other ran for their lives and a few met up with others in their original squads. While they had been waiting at the compound it had begun to turn dark and the star in the planets solar system set along a mountain ridge, They ran for hours and finally thy began to slow their pace, they stopped walking altogether several minutes later and they sat and rested, Commander Jack Morton set up a watch and counted their number which had dropped from their original 40 to 15 tired and fearful men. They all tried to sleep but none could sleep for more than several minutes at a time before they awoke again sure that they had heard some noise in the darkness. When dawn finally came they began marching towards where they thought the base was. once again the air began to fog up and the air to become damp and smell of something rotting.

Jack came back to the present when his tracker suddenly came to life. They had indeed traveled the right way and the base was right over the hill beyond, and the edge of the forest only yards away. They had just exited the boundaries of the tree line when a group of small transports glided over to the men, A small door opened and General Martin Milikae walked out at his side stood a small man clothed in a white lab coat and a small device in his hand.
"Hmm... The experiment need some work sir," stated the small man in the lab coat.
"Yes I can see that, fix it. As for the survivors kill them," replied General Milikae.
Twenty soldiers stepped out of the shadows of one of the transports aimed their weapons. They fired and then examined several of the bodies, all were dead, or at least they thought. After they had left two men got up.
"What do we do next Commander?" asked the soldier.
"We kill them, we kill them all," replied Commander Jack Mortan.


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