By Commander Fox

7th Aug 2006

The twin moons orbiting Syrnix were extremly large tonight. The beautiful light they cast sihlouetted the jungle with the pinkish-white they bathed it in...it was still dark...too dark for human eyes to pick out the jungle within....but not for Kelly Handor's squad. She gazed through the trees around her as she crept forward silently in a crouch, her cameleoline cloak shifting in hue with every step she took, until she was all but invisible. She stopped. Slowly, she looked about the jungle, straining to hear anything unusual. Nothing, save the call of a lone jungle bird. She held up her hand, fingers spread, the signal that all was clear, then Squad Handor emerged from their places of hiding. Handor stood. The human female moved again into the trees, long-rifle cradled close to her breast. her squad followed, but a twig snapped under her foot. The elite team instincivly froze. The bird stopped calling.

Then all hell broke loose.
Handor screamed a the fox dropped from the tree directly in front of her, it's razor sharp spear head slashind down across her face before she could bring her rifle to bare. She cried out as it tore her face apart and she fell back. It moved again with lighting reflexes, it' s blade a glimmer in the pink moonlight. But Handor thew her rifle in front of her in hopes of saving herself, in the same time thumbing the firing stud as the stolwotians balde struck the discharge-chamber. her rifle exploded in a searing white fireballl, consuming most of the fox's head with it. It's body toppled forth and it's spear sliced through her shoulder, pinning her to the ground. the night was filled with screams and howls as enraged foxen began to appear from nowhere. half-blinded, she struglled to fight the pain and watched in horror as her cousin Gernart was bludgeoned to death by a pair of foxes who had attacked him from behind, each armed with clubs fashioned from stones and bones.
Her brother and another cousin, Fonred and Hentai dropped their rifles and drew their shuriken pistols. Now it was the foxes turn to die as the shrieking air was filled with razor sharp disks. Handor dared hope they might live through this as the shurikens sliced through the stolwotian flesh and fur with ease. One of them cried out as a disk sliced through his throat, but her smirk faded instantly as her cousin and brother were both driven to the ground and hacked to death by a pair of foxes who had dropped from the trees oto their backs, each armed with a crude stone tomahawk. She began to weep as Finugal's head was hacked clear off his shoulders. Haftmon screamed and threw his weapon to the ground, then turned to flee. he didn't make it very far. A large Dog-fox, brought his arm back, then whipped it forth over his shoulder with impressive force. There was a violent, chopping sound, and the glimmer of a blade flickered in the pink moonlight....then a hideous 'Thunk!' as a an enormous tomahawk embedded itself deep in Haftmon's skull. He didn't even cry out as he dopped face down on the forest turf. Squad Handor was dead....almost

The stolwotians closed in a circle. The dog-fox was the largest, obviously their leader. They bradished their bloodied weapons and spoke to one another in their language...it was completly alien and the half-dead Handor could never hope to understand...She wimpered; wrong move. the stolwotians stopped. They snapped their heads in her direction. She slowly and painfully moved her hand for her shuriken pistol then with practiced speed, whipped it out and screamed, "DIE, FOXEN SCUM!!!!!" and with a sob, squeezed off a few shots at the Dog-fox. The razor sharp disks hummed over to him like metal hummingbirds, and sliced through his gut and deltoid muscle. He growled in pain as sprays of blood spurted from his new wounds. He doubled over, then slowly raised a growling face at her. His eyes reflected yellow at her in the pink moonlight, then he pulled his own weapon, a great spear, lined with feathers and bones as decoration, and hurled itat her. It missed narrowly and embedded in the trunk of the tree she was pinned to, inches from her head. It quivered, and she forced out a smile as she tried to get off another shot....

But suddenly, there was an orange flash of fur before her, and before she new it, she was in the death-grip of an enourmous paw. The pistol dropped liflessly from her hand as she was lifted highg above the beast's head, then spun around over and over like a lariat. She screamed, then she was hurled so hard she felt her insides pile over to one side of her. The last thing Kelly handor ver saw was the enraged face of a Tiger....

Lakamar Sinji breathed heavily. He had just single-handedly raised the remains of a dying woman then spun her over his head around and around until he released her. She would have flown a good olympic record if there hadn't been that large tree in the way....
Their third victory in hunting Dreadnought's patrols tonight! and to think only six foxes and a tiger had done it! Time to go back to the villiage and treat the wounded, he decided. it had been a good moon, in words of the foxes....

This is just a short to keep you guys occupied. Don't screw with the natives...their crazy.


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