By Griffin Vengance

26th Aug 2006

There was no waiting, no pauses. Without hesitation, the two elite squadrons crashed into each other with ruthless fury, spitting fire and pain in every direction. Intense dogfights erupted, as rivalries and hatred collided in a spectacular bang; two thousand fighters had formed a gigantic mass of swarming insets, picking at every ships defences with little pinpricks, while huge bursts of energy rammed into ships.

The first casualty was the Vengance; the Skylord ship fell gloriously though, taking both of the enemy attacking cruisers with her. Sarah felt the loss like a stab at her heart, knowing full well the name of dozens of good, brave officers on that brave ship.
But there was no time for grieving.
“Hard left, detonate that trailing torpedo! Photon bursts on our rear, reinforce the aft shields! Parsons, they’re focusing our the bridge; get that armour frizzling with energy!”
“It will only hold for an hour ma’am,” came the hurried response.
“I don’t care about an hour, I care about the next bloody few minutes!” Sarah bit back, and closed her comn with a slam of her palm.
Most had no idea of just how scary Sarah was in battle; she was so pent up and furious even the bravest man would cower.
The battle was going good so far, but the Angels were outnumbered; the enemy had the numerical advantage, with the Angels relying heavily on their wildcard.
Suddenly, five cruisers surrounding the Messiah turned from their initial targets and with pure, unbelievable fury, threw everything they had at the lumbering beast.
All Sarah remembered was the bridge exploding. No other word for it; the bridge just erupted with fire and blood, as the equivalent to half a million bombs fell upon the Messiah’s hardy armour, instantly jolting her from head to tail. Systems shorted out, engines drained, and the vessel was thrown into darkness.

“The sons of…get us visible, and throw everything we have at those damned things!”
The crew responded unquestionably; many had family on that ship, inspired by their leader.
In the fury of battle, the Saviour re-appeared and somehow, impossibly, the five wannabe Messiah killers turned into five, utterly silent explosions. The Saviour was a way off though; it’d take three minutes to get to the Messiah.
Not that there was any need.
Instantly, the nineteen remaining enemy ships including the flagship holding the beating heart off the Empir, almost instantly I-Flighted to the Saviour.
Between them and the suddenly confused Angels, a huge web of energy instantly appeared, and the status quo became obvious.
The Saviour was hardy. She had taken on odds that were virtually impossible, taken on enemies that few would even dare to speak to…
But these odds were impossible.
Nineteen ships worth of firepower would destroy the Saviour faster then somebody could sneeze.
“Ah bugger.”
The web of energy had now fully enclosed the advancing Fleet and the Saviour; while it wouldn’t be long before the Angels blasted their way through, the Saviour just didn’t have the time.
It was then, in that moment, that it hit them; eerily, hit every being on the Saviour.
They would not survive this battle.
“Parsons. You know we’re not going to survive this right?”
“Aye sir. I know what to do. My wife’s on the Messiah, and I swear to Twilight, I will never let those filthy things touch her. Flooding power to shields and I-Flight drive now; their net will protect our guys.”
The Captain paused, then clicked on his comn; one minute till firing range.
“You know Sarah.”
He could picture her face perfectly; eyes still blazing hot, but glistening with the water of terror.
“I never told you…the night we left Flying Fortress…I’m pregnant.”
“Raise him well my love. The Skylords will survive without the Saviour, but not without their damned Emperor. We will always be there, in every battle. Don’t forget us.”
With almost a deliberate slowness, the Saviour seemed to simply become entirely bathed in light, like an angel shining his light on its adversaries; the mini black hole that powered her engines had suddenly inversed; a white hole was now ready to spew pure undiluted energy onto Hell’s Angels.
Sarah knew this image, of the Saviour shining her light on her dark foes would remain with her forever.

And so, without sound or mercy, the Saviour closed her talons…and utterly annihilated her foes with the glory of the Skylords.

Nine months later, Sarah stared into space. In front of her was a marvellous sight; the sight of apparently every single ship in the enemy military.
Or what was left of them.
She had not actually been able to command the Messiah during that final battle due to her plump guest, but had co-ordinated from a safe distance; now, she stared at the conquered homeworld of the now defunct Tuy-Rui Empire, completely destroyed by Skylord bombardment.
“You did it James. You defeated them.”

I am afraid this is quite possibly the last ever instalment of Politics and Soldiers. It has been a great pleasure writing them, and hopelfully reading them. Thank you.

Griffin Vengance.

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