By Naltsa Abe

2nd Nov 2006

When looking at the stars do you ever think I’ll be fighting for survival one day up there, trying to save my planet from aliens. I doubt it, I didn’t but now I find myself, looking at a scanner full of approaching battleships, they will come and we will fight and may luck decide the outcome, for there is no god here…

The Empire broke the back of the Terrain fleet at Demeter in a brilliant counter attack, they beamed nuclear warheads aboard the flagship and as the ship exploded their bombardment of the cruisers started, of course that can’t happen again, beaming aboard our ships is not impossible. The scientists have done something well for a change.

The steamroller affect they have had over the defenders of countless planets has led us to believe we are next. Our location the best kept secret of the Terrain alliance has been lost. The empire has ways of getting information from whomever they wish.

The defence of Earth is quite simple; we throw everything at them as they drop out of hyperspace, quite simple really. However countless systems have tried and failed in this action, the shields of their vessels seem to be perfect and unbreakable, but then we have not tried nuclear warheads before.

The governments of earth now informed of a space program led by Britain have given their entire nuclear arsenals to the battleships, Achilles, which will beam them as close as possible to the enemy ships, we are hoping with sustained attacking and nuclear warheads we can break their shields.

Not long now…

The Terrain fleet is small, Britain accounts for 90% of the ships with a small contingent of ships from other countries. The countries of earth thou have promised a full counter attack if the aliens land, and have called up their entire armies. 1 billion human soldiers against the Empire, basic tanks have shields, the Chinese government has equipped its planes with EMP missiles and the Americans have installed enough SAM sites around cities and in deserts to darken the sky with rockets.

Britain has prepared for this as best it can, Britain has been condemned for handing this campaign into the stars but, I would like to have seen any country or the world do better. Some countries even called it a joke and for war on Britain, they soon quit when the Battle ship Achilles rested over their cities. This defence has to succeed, this defence has to turn into a counter attack, and Earth needs to unite or fall.

Diary of Flying Officer Abe
1st Space Division


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