By Sirion

17th Nov 2006

Chp. 1: "Wars are ended with war..."
Chaos reigned from all directions, light flashes, and explosions rocking the very ship about them. Captain Viclin watched with mild anxiety as all about his ship, Aegis II, explosions tore apart below on the planet surface, like the clamoring of gods, sword thrusts, and banners high...

"Captain!"...."Captain!" The captain shook his head quickly, and shot a momentary angry glare at the defense officer behind him. "Yes Hardn?" Viclin replied after a moment, allowing his deep, almost black eyes to penetrate, and thoughroughly unerve the officer. "umm, ahh..." "Well spit it out already!" The captain said, tossing one hand up in impatients. "Captain, if you will..." Hardn, the defense officer gestured nervously to the display in front of him.

Viclin approached, arms behind his back, and glanced over the multi-layered display chart. Hardn tapped a few keys rushedly, and the layers took form into a multi-colored holograph, comprised a large sphere at the center, and triangles, squares, and circles all of diffrent sizes, and color. Some where labelled, and some where not.

Viclin poured over the screen two or three time, finnaly feeling the bite of agitation at Hardn's petty squabling. There was nothing wrong.... "Fffffffff...." The captain never finsihed the sentence, becuase at that same instant a ship appeared from thin air, larger then all the rest combine, launching rapid fire haphazrdly in all directions.

The Aegis II rocked so violently that severla crew members where sent crashing into equipment like ragdolls. Captain Viclin lost balance, rolling to revoer, till they where hit again...

The lights flickered, captain Viclin started to get up again, but stopped, and lay back down. Something told him not to get up. "Hardn! Get your ass up, and see what the hells going on..." he hissed, still feeling the rocking of normal combat, which seemed, compared to what had just hit them, merely a little bit of turbulance.

Hardn got up, eyeing the captain cautiosly, wondering no doubt to himself why the captain, and the rest of the crew remained down. Hardn on his feet began walking over to the computer module when...."WHAMMMM!!!!!!!", Aegis practically barrell rolled; "WHAAAAMMMM!!!!!" was all the captain heard, followed by a sickly plop.
The all lay, each crew member, listening, waiting, apparently the fighting both in space, and on the surface was subsiding... But why? Then the lights cut out, and all that was left to illuminate the interior bulk head of Aegis II where a few low energy work stations, casting alien light, deep green, into the void that was the sheer size of Aegis II.

After what seemed like eternity, Viclin's training kicked in, and ordered him to his feet. Most of the crew members followed suit, looking bewledered. Viclin gazed about
finnaly finding the source of the sickly plopping sound. There lie Hardn, his head
snapped back almost completely, skull broken into a million fragments, limbs bent in
the strangest of directions; Hardns body lay almost halfway under a toppled over
sensor system that came unbolted from the wall, and fell atop him. From what
he could see the impact from the toss broke Hardns neck, and the machine falling on him finsihed up, braking his legs, and skull. It was not a pretty sight...

Once other workers caught on, they where quick to avert their eyes. Several puked, and still others shouted, as it become apparent others had suffered, even laying upon the floor, from trauma related to being tossed, or shaken.
Most of the injured where dead.

The crew began to wander around dazed a bit. No he would'nt have this, they had to stay focussed, Viclin immediatly forumated goals, and a way to follow through, taking charge. "Sanders get your ass on engineering, I want our power on in seven!", "Thomas, see if you can get any sensory readouts, we need to know what the hells going on!" "Theresa, damage reports now!" He continued like this, pointing, and shouting, till at last he had shouted himself damn near hourse.
But he had a pla, as any roperly Theran trained space captain did, especially the captain of the Aegis II.

When the stern captain was'nt busy shouting orders, he found himself listening, even with the power down, they should get some sort of feed through.
And he found himself listening more, and more often through the next hour, and less shouting, it made him uneasy to say the least.

Well it is generally held true that sound is impossible in space as air, or some other gas is required, Aegis II's sensors where designer to pick up on various sorts of energy bursts at the molecular, and atomic level. They picked up on energies such as chemical (i.e. space dust, debris), gravitstional, electromagnetic, and gamma ray, so commen with the ship drives do to uranium use, and combine sensor information to produce sound......


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