By Griffin Vengance

23rd Nov 2006

With little applause, the Falcon zoomed right into the middle of a ferocious crossfire, looping around the various forms of phase pulses and firing at both sides; the Digiat and Dios fighters literally crumbled.
Herb stopped for a moment, glad of a moment’s rest. He was tempted to fire his plutonic missiles and end the entire thing right there, but that would be way, way too easy…
With a slight shrug, Herb clicked off his phase-pulse cannons recycling processes and zoomed straight back in.
A little while later, Herb noticed five fighters. They weren’t anything extraordinary; just bog-standard Royal Fleets. The difference was though, these five fighters had decided to break the rules, and flew as single squadron, easily overwhelming any foe they came across; and now they were harassing a swift but dogged Shadow Guard iDG fighter.

Ensign Aurora Jennings flew like wildfire. In fact, she flew ON Wildfire, her fighter; but right now the Wildfire was doing a lot of running. Five Royal Fleet fighters zoomed after her, firing everything they had at the swift bulldog, but a combination of shields and excellent piloting kept her and the Wildfire alive. Aurora swore she was going to have a word with Midnight Striker after this; she was lucky she had a Skylord who could kick butt so well.
Aurora frowned, and noticed out of the corner of her eye yet ANOTHER squadron, this one a InDaGalaxy squadron of six dogging a tiny little wasp-class fighter. The little Shadow Guard ace flew like there was no tomorrow; just in that moment, she saw it do a perfect loop-de-loop and take out one of its pursuers, and with a slight arrogant whirl zoom after HER.
“Ah Holy Jesus Mother of…”
Instantly, Aurora attempted to do a U-turn, but was boxed in with only one way to go; she attempted to get one of the RF fighters to dummy away, but it was not fooled.
All Aurora could do was watch as the tiny thing came into weapons range and lashed out.
Aurora nearly scrunched up her eyes as the SG warrior fired…and slowly opened them.
She was still alive.
A quick glance at her mirrors confirmed her would-be killers weren’t.
Quickly realising what her new-found ally meant, she raked the six iDG fighters with fire, leaving only one exceptional one to flee.
With a tip of her wings, Aurora flew off back into the battle…and stopped in amazement.
All she saw was one big rubbish heap…and two little lights.

When Herb saw the remaining iDG fighter, he grinned fiercely. Hopefully his new ally would stay out of this; a duel to end this would…
A single missile flew past his cockpit and rammed into a seemingly dead hulk; a part orange part pie-coloured explosion blew the cowards to smithereens.
Tipping his wings in gratitude, Herb raced right for the diminutive little speck of light.

Deemers swore loudly when he saw Tichy die. He swore that he had only asked the other Skylords for ten-twenty fighters, not bloody five hundred; and now his best squadron was dead, and he was faced with two of the best pilots he had ever seen.
Deemers’ answer?
He rammed a pie into his mouth, made sure his cannons had recharged and charged right back at them.

Aurora and Herby charged in near perfect unison. Neither were consciously aware of her maneuveuring, nor they did attempt to change it as Deemers roared closer. In scary silence, they fired two plutonic missiles each…and blew Deemers right back into the stone age.

As for the next five hours of I-Flight to their rendenvous point…well, the Wildfire had a spacious missile compartment, with a cushion added by MS and Griffin’s precognitive prowess. One can only conjecture as to what they did in those five hours…

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