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27th Dec 2006

harvest defence station
orbiting harvest,harvest system 2511

"sir,incoming tranmission unknown location and codes" the young officer said
the admiral turned nad rised an eye brow
"well ??? come on officer what does it say?"
"connecting tranmission to loud speakers you may want to hear this sir"the officers said with shaking hands
suddently a loud booming voice could be heard over the speakers
"i have stopped agressions against you,this is not a weakness on my part
dont leave your planets where you can detect mine,this is the beginning of the end
you shall fall"
end tranmission ends
all the officers faces turned white , hostile threats from unknown aliens
all the crew of the station didnt know what to do,harvest was on the outskirts of ESCA controllled space its was a farm planet and peaceful also meaning it had no real defences meaning they took the threat real
"admirall orders" the officer said
the admiral turned towards the officers face baring red anger
"send the tranmission to ESCA HQ on lechesis,i want 24 hours space patrols and none stop hyperdrive detection searchs and warn the general on harvest to start defence work " the admiral ordered
then added
"they want a war they came to the wrong people to start with"

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