27th Dec 2006

ESCA HQ , lechesis
tellus system (imperial space)2510

the ESCA high council sat themselfs around a table.some of the best admiral and generals were there to discuss the tranmission picked up from harvest.
"well what shall we do war?,peace talks? how do well even know this isnt some hoax?"admiral kyle said
"we crossed check the tranmission,it was send by any human ship so unfortunely the tranmission is real"captain wooldridge replied
" well lets go to war i have my men kick the bastard off out planets and back out into the black depths of space"said one of the generals
"thats the point,whats theses "bastards" as you like to call them we have no information on them ,how do we know they am not lightyears ahead of use in techology nor do we known wot they look like or live"replied an high commander
just then a officers charges throught the door
"sir,sir incomeing reports the elysium system destroyed all dead,no planets left an entire sysytem gone sir"
all of the brass stood up in fear and anger.the elysium system was between the tellus and the procrustes system it was lightyears away from the harvest system whihc scared the brass
"thats it i want war i want revenge these bastards are going to pay for this"general cross said
no one aruged they all nodded there heads
"mobilzes the fleet and alert all planets defences,this will be the day the ESCA accepts the aliens war"the high commander said

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