1st Jan 2007

darco city, elysium, elysium system
2511 (1 day befor the meeting at lachesis)

sergent johnson looked over the battlefield this was his first bit of peace in over 3 days of fighting.
a week ago a unknown fleet of alien ships entered the system with the soilders and cilivians of the elysium system unaware of the transmission picked up on harvest people through it was just another set of alien salesman trying to sell there alien techology.little did they know that the ships were on a course for death and destruction.
johnson remembers everything thats happened since the fleet has been in the system first of all the population on mezentius were slaughted the nearby planet of menelaus left the planet and ran to elysium the stronghold in the system while the "forerunners" as we will call them ,bombarded the planets with there ships the soilders of elysium try there best to make defences to the capital of draco

after the forerunner had destroyed mezentius and menelaus they turned there attention to elysium but instead of blasting the planet to nothing they decided to launch a full scale invasion of the planet probly seeing it as more fun in the hunt probley, but for the past 3 days the defences of darco have been fighting hard against the forerunner.

sergent johnson turned his attention back to the battlefield where a alien battlecry was being roared across the area
"get ready marines the bastards want round eerrrrr whats ever round we am on"johnson barked
the sound of replies and the click of full loaded weopeons echo the trenches
and like the sergent said the "bastards" charges across no man lands , the marines opened fire rippin the aliens to ribbions but more and more charged until they flooded the marine trenches all hell broke loose.

"fall back dont let them take the city"ordered sergent johnson
the marines started falling back taking out as many aliens as they could but it was a fool hope as the marines were out numbered at least 40-1 .
sergent johnson into the city to the tower and ordered the officer to send a message to ESCA HQ on lachesis
"the elysium system has fell all dead everything destroyed"
as he was abut to turn around to take aim he felt a burning pain in his stomach he looks down and a hole throught his amour n had burnt most of his body away he takes one last breath n dies


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