2nd Jan 2007

aboard ESCA cruiser:commenwealth
on patrol in the reach system 2517

captain moore stood and looked into the stars and he wondered whats was the purpose of this war.A alien race suddenly declaired war on the ESCA unpropaired for war it wasnt long before the outer colonies fell, six years into the war all of the ESCA outer colonies had been destroyed trying there best the fleet was not ready for this and after a series of defeats among the outer colonies,the fall of the harvest system,the seiges of the procrustes planets and the messacers of aeolus the fleet morale was at a all time low but captain moore didnt stop him from doing his duty he had a job to do protect the inner colonies.

"report officer"asked the captain
"no signs of any attacks nothing in hyperdrive sir" the officer replied
he took a deep breath a sign of joy he had seen to much combat and hoped the forerunner wouldnt find the inner colonies and he relaxed into his chair.

"sir hyperdrive near bellerophon " the alarmed officer said
the captain went stiff they had found the reach system damn he through to himself
like the officer said forerunner ships appeared, four captial ships.
captain moore went even more stiff, four capital ships was a match for two ESCA destroyers so the smaller cruiser was easliy out matched.

"officer alert any near by ESCA ships,hostile ships in reach system" barked the captain
" yes sir tranmission sent" the officer replied
captain moore turned to the defence officer
"arm all missiles and warm up the cannons"
"aye aye sir all misslies armed and warming up cannons"the officer said back

the four ships moved towards bellerophons but change course when they noticed the commonwealth and there turrets started to turn a hellish red colour.the commonwealth turned to face its new threats and fired both cannons at the nearest capital ship the rounds ripped through the hull of the ship destroying it.
the other ships fired back bolts of plasmas headed towards the commonwealth.

" move the bloody ship nav officer" shouted the captain
the commonwealth dodged the plasma bolts and fired its misslies at the next capital ship,explosions covered the ships its armour tearedto shreds
"warm the cannons for round 2 " ordered the captain
"aye aye sir cannons warming up and ready to fire"the officer replied
the last two ships opened fire again and the commonwealth tryed to dodge the shots missing the first but the second hit the hull melting the armour

" damage report"said the captain
"armour down to 25% we cant take another hit like that and cannon 1 is offline"the officer repiled
"damn well first the second cannon" ordered the captain
the commonwealth fired its last cannon at the ship it hit the last ship killing it but the ship already fired its plasma already.

"move the commonwealth towards the last ship and get ready to dodge that plasma" said captain moore
"aye aye sir"said the officer
the plasma tracked the commonwealth but suddently the commonwealth fliped and the plasma bolt hit the last ship destroying it within mintures.

the captain took a deep breath and looked at the wreackage and noicted more hyperdrive near the battle site but this time a ESCA destoyer the unyeiding hell appear and a voice comeing throught the speakers.
"this is admiral foley i heared a attack in the reach system"
"yes well what was a attack sir"the captain replied
"your telling me a cruiser took out four forerunner capital ships !!" the admiral replied with shook
"yes sir it wasent easy but the reach system is that bit more safer"he replied

the reach system was saved but for how long?

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