7th Jan 2007

fort alpha, Aeolus , ONI system
2517 (during the seige of the outer terriotries)

private morris a new recruit to the ESCA army shook bearly being able to hand his weopeon,he wasent experienced enough yet for this to happen,after coming fresh out of the barracks of the tellus system just a matter of weeks ago and being sent to the outer colonies and terriotries sent a shiver back his back.It wasent that bad until two weeks ago when the war took a bad turn for the ESCA when forerunner invasion fleets attacked and layed seige to the defendless outer colonies leaving them cut of from the rest of the ESCA they sent ships to face this danger but with it being on the each of known ESCA space it would take at least a month to get there.
thats all that private morris and the rest of the soilders in the outer colonies were doing try to last long enought for help to arrive so they dug there heels in to the mud and called the bastards to try and take them on whihc the forerunners did and with better weopeons and the fact these aliens were built for fighting meant that one by one the planets fell and the ONI system was last on the hit list.

"whats the matter soilder,getting a bit to hard for you well tough you got no choice stand and fight or run away" his commander barked down his ear.
then added
"but if you runaway unless i tell you too i shoot you myself,got it?"
" ye ye yes sir"morris replied
"i want you all to know i do it to each and every single one of you i got the ammo and i dont have cowards in my regiment"the shouted to all his troops.

good thing was the forerunner was to busy in the system to lay siege to aeolus straight away so they could get there defences set up and ready to go meaning they was holding out better than expected but the first wave of forerunner warrior had really shook the rookies up.

" sir info on the radio says the bastards (as the marines and soilders called the forerunner)are starting another advances on the west side of the wall" a young soilder said
"well that means they going to try there luck against this wall and i aint going to let them have it"he said as he picked up a huge chain gun

like the commander said a sudden wave of blue and sliver armour flooded the wall perimeter well even though they had the spirit to win unfortunely they never really stood much of a chance against the might of the forerunner and by the time reinforment arrived there was nothing left to fight for =(

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