By Naltsa Abe

22nd Jan 2007

Before the Terrains even entered space the peoples of the empire had 50 planets under their control, spanning the cosmos was not a problem for them, having long lives the need to pass on information to younger beings was not needed as often, all children of this race where taught at the same time. Through forced reproduction every 350 years the empire then took the best of each field who quickly discerned which of the children they could teach. The army got whoever was left…

Education was short in relative terms, only a mere 5 years, then a fully functional member of society, due to their communications, no crime had been reported in their ranks for hundreds of years, they lacked but one thing, an enemy, while they designed shields to tackle asteroids, and they designed engines to get them places faster, without a strong enemy, the Empire only have standard ballistic weapons for their ships, and the personal shield for the troops prevented the need for better weapons for the ground troops.

The form of the aliens is not too dissimilar from human, although they do communicate through sub-space through their minds, with this advanced communication network, information spread through the planets quickly. Using this they cured every illness, taught billions of children instantaneously, and decimated all in their way. They did not believe in Prisoners or slaves, they refused to allow other beings to interfere with their genes. Then while searching for more planets they met the Terrains…

Only through a freak action are the Terrains even able to match their fleets in space. An exploration ship that crashed into midland Britain, right on the boarder of England and Wales near Shrewsbury was quickly recovered by the nearby army base in the Brecon Beacons, blaming the 100 meter wide crater which claimed 2,000 lives on a nuclear accident. From the device scientists found a new engine type, as well as shields, the weapon system was surprisingly primitive compared to the new laser guided bolts of energy recently discovered.

With 2 years the British had 4 ships in orbit around the earth, reversed engineered from the Empires ship, but better armoured, and with better weapons.

The Empire of course knew the ship was lost and sent a small fleet of attack vessels, thinking they had stumbled upon a base of a space age civilisation. By the time the vessels arrived earth was able to defend itself, retro-engineered typhoon class fighters, worked very well against the enemy ships, the empire had no answer for the speed or weapon systems of the Terrains.

The empire however adapted and the Terrains didn’t. Three years after the battle, on the Anniversary of the End of the middle east war. The Terrains held 17 planets, but only Britain was aware of this, only Britain was even in space, the American and Russians had their war and didn’t have the money to come to space, Britain created an Empire that allowed the country to take in refugees from around the world and send them into space colonies, all well managed, and the terrains where happy.

The Empire decimated 6 colonies before Britain even knew one had fallen. The retro-fitted Typhoon had a new adversary, one which only matched it, but with odds of 2000:1 the colonies didn’t stand a chance, 120 million Terrains died in 4 days.

Demeter the first colony was then attacked, the battle for Demeter was one the Terrains where determined to win, and one the Empire had to win, they knew losing here would result in them having to retreat, and in the 1500 years they had been flying around the Galaxy they had never retreated, never lost, and never given up.

Fearing this, the Empire dispatched 7 fleets of attack vessels to Demeter, each with 3000 fighters, 70 cruisers, and a battleship. The fighters were still the main weapon, as they could enter atmospheres and deliver bombs to targets and not just bombardment from the cruisers. By all accounts the battleships where not ships, but moons in their own right, three quarters the size of the moon, they were the most advanced weapon in the Empires Arsenal. Losing 6 just for Demeter, was a terrible loss, losing all 6 in a single day was devastating, the terrains knew of these battleships and had an answer, the incredible weapon system of the Achilles. The Achilles managed to evade the battleships and destroy them with ease, the fighters where held at bay by the newer version of the Typhoon, but hitting something the size of the moon was easy, hitting the 500 strong contingent of cruisers was impossible.

The Achilles did its job, it made the Empire fear what earth may be capable of, for a single ship of a size 15 times smaller than the battleship to decimate their fleet, to take down 6 and cripple the seventh, get the entire population of Demeter out, and to kill over 4 million Troops on the ground, and get out relatively unscratched was not just terrifying but made the empire think again of their invasion into Earth’s space.

However with the loss of Demeter Britain released it needed help, after a conference with the super powers of the world, the world was angry, the countries of earth feared Britain and threatened to declare war. The Achilles was recalled to stop this war from starting. While stopping a Terrain Civil War the rest of Britain’s colonies fell, thankfully the personal of all planets got out aboard smaller space craft.

As earth mobilised its armies, Britain recalled every vessels they had and upgraded all as far as they could, giving their advanced technology to the other peoples of earth allowed for a more effect defence, the army deemed this good for the short term, but maybe not good in the long run…

The battle was won by earth, brilliant moves of bravery from single pilots aboard the Typhoons, caused the breaking of the Empire’s fleet, a single move brought the single attacking fleet to split up, the cruiser class ships of the Britain’s made short work of the Empires cruisers, despite the number.

The Achilles acting as the command post, and flag ship of earth, destroyed all in its path, locked in combat with the enemy battleship the Achilles was crippled, the nuclear warheads beamed aboard the ship was the greatest single nuke every constructed, too great many feared, and they were right, the blast took many fighters, cruisers and even the great ship the Achilles with it.

The damage to earth was vast, cities across the world fell in a single enemy shot, millions died, millions more were left homeless, but the battle was won…

This is the history of the Empire and Earth to Date, the Terrains, now united are building more vessels of war, colonies are being repopulated, and the empire has retreated, soon the forces will meet again, and soon the foundations of the galaxy will shake.


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