By Griffin Vengance

16th Feb 2007

Alpha Squadron roared in like bulls. With engines roaring and shields sizzling, the six fighters, led by the audacious couple up front, let loose a long-range volley, instantly obliterating the only two space stations within seconds. The ease of their attack spooked the Skylords forces; if they had weaponry that up to Skylords standards, why did they not have any kind of protection technology?
The mystery lengthened further when Alpha Squadron was completely unopposed as they entered orbit. Not even a targeting reticule had come upon them yet, let alone any more missiles.
"Blue One, you getting the hives?" he asked.
"Yup. Blue Two and Three, slap a lock on their biggest cities, and double-scan the atmosphere for enemy craft."
James nodded, repeating the orders on Red's channel.
A couple of minutes later, Red Three screamed "Contact!", and instantly every single scanner screen in Alpha Squadron reverted to the signal.
Aurora laughed out loud when she saw Red Three's "Contact"; and quite obviously civilian transport, and atmospheric as well.
"Congratulations Red Three, you found the most common..." his voice drifted.
"What is it sir?" Red Three asked, eager for a reprieve.
"Since when did atmospheric transports use combustion engines?"

The Heracles entered oribt a scarce minute later. The moment it entered orbit however, a missile came roaring at it; everyone was suprised to see it as an antique ballistics missile, as the Wildfire hunted it down.
"Where did it come from?" Captain Andreas asked, his face the picture of confusion.
"From some kind of orbiter..." the scanning officer replied, paling even as the Captain looked at him. The pants were still wet.
"Give me a visual then, and patch it through to Alpha."
A picture came up, showing some kind of small craft. It looked very similar to the orbital racers of Flying Fortress; stubby wings, forward facing module, and even a stylish paint-job. In the picture, a fresh quartet of the same missiles launched, each heading slowly for Alpha Squadron.
"This is so weird it's not even funny," Captain Andreas muttered, as a single phase pulse destroyed all four missiles, and another quickly incinerated the orbiter.
"Sir..." the communications officer muttered. "Incoming on the E band...a message, which the translator says is coming from the President of the United Nations..and now another, coming from President Jacques Noel of France, representing the European Union...and another, coming from President of the United Arab Emirates..."

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