By Griffin Vengance

19th Dec 2008

Author's Note: I HIGHLY recommend reading my last two stories, but I'll try to summarise throughout this story. Next chapter will be far, far better than this. :)

In the utter darkness of space, cruising amongst the stars, were twenty two warships. Each and every one bore the insignia of the Shadow Guard, representing the Skylords as a whole; most vessels bore the insignia of the Griffin, while the rest came from Midnight Striker and the Wizard. This battlegroup was a powerful display of force, a blatant exclamation of might, each and every warship more then a kilometer long and bristling with weaponry. This fleet advanced slowly, steadily, their massive photonic turrets creating ominous shadows.
Within this huge mass of firepower, one could easily miss the two relatively tiny starfighters, spearheading the assault force. While the fighters themselves were no match for a warship they had reputations to match, and carried themselves with a strange dignity amongst the steel titans.
Suddenly, the two starfighters accelerated, racing forward in perfect unison towards the blue-green world ahead. It was a large planet, with a single moon, and Lieutenant Commander Herbert Amiscosa couldn't help but wonder what was so special about it that would warrant such a massive force; a scarce week after he and Aurora had been attacked in this star system, the Skylords as a whole had reacted as if they had been jabbed with a taser. A temporary galaxy-wide NAP had been called, while the Shadow Guard, who were the closest to the strange system, assembled a fleet to investigate. Although they were observing radio silence Herb fancied he could almost feel Aurora's tension, as the large Wildfire flew right next to him. After eight combat missions the two had proved to be a superb team, and even better lovers; Herb's back still ached from the night before.
A green light flashed on Aurora's large craft, which brought Herb out of his thoughts. The green light was their signal for "Found Something" and, as expected, a purple light flicked on, which meant "Follow and Investigate". Resigned Herb came to behind and above Aurora, their standard escort formation, while she used her superior scanning equipment to get better readings on the mystery. However, this quickly became unnessecary, as Herb's own scanners found the mystery object; an artificial object moving directly towards them at a reasonable speed. Even as he looked at it, the ship, which was three times larger then Aurora's Wildfire, launched its missiles, a full salvo of eight.
Herb didn't hesitate for a second, racing forward while Aurora dodged. His more maneuverable fighter dodged the homing missiles easily and one by one, Herb detonated the weapons with his pulse lasers. As the last couple of missiles blew up Aurora came into a perfect firing position of the craft, which, using primitive rockets, attempted to evade, but their movements were pitiful compared to the agile starfighters.
Suddenly, Herb's radio clicked. Bringing his fighter next to Aurora's, with both of their weapons locked, he opened the channel, a directed radio transmission at him, rather then the Wildfire.
"This is Commander Radsinki of the space shuttle Orion VI...please, we surrender. Do not kill us!"

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