By willie

2nd Mar 2009

It began suddenly. It ended swiftly. The survivors, few. on August 21st 2098, the British empire left Earth, now a baron waste land, it had already been abondoned by the Confederation of Europe and the Republics of America, China, and Russia he previous year. We left in a mighty fleet of transports and warships, the finest that brittannia could offer. our destination, unknown, but time was not on our side. Though we had the resources and determination to live as travellers for generations, there was another problem. In the early part of the century the second age of colonial conquest began the British empire came out once again strongest, and the people thought that the world would end because of climate change...
They were wrong, very wrong...
The Legions of Ractoresans, one of few surviving races of the great Eon Wars, were advancing and struck Sol System on 16th January 2081. for the next 17 years the battle for Sol raged. The outcome was enevitable, in the Battle for Europa a British colony saw 100 ships, including the Grand Fleet Flag Ship HMS Vanguard a Sovreign Class Star Ship, square up to 500+ Legion Assault ships. We bet them off, well the first wave. I was there and i was a commander of the HMS Akira, a battle cruiser. i saw the Vanguard fight valliently leading a bold offensive defence throughing herself and three quarters of the fleet straight into the enemy lines, when her commander, Admiral Cleese gave his last order it was heart braking, as the Vanguard rammed the enemy command ship and blew sky high. By the time the second wave came the colony on Europa was evacuated the sacrifice of the 1st fleet and their valliant commader was a glimpse at how this war was to be faught and lost. For the next years right up to 2098 was a losing war and even now as we retreat and flee into the vastness of space, we live in rememberance and humility. One day we will return, but as for now we must run, and do we shall, and we shall maintain our strength and majesty in defiance.

The End for now...

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