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By Colton24

21st Jun 2009

WAR! A huge Civil War was going on in the Alpha sector. The sector once ruled by the peaceful president Nikanor was now in turmoil. Nikanor had been killed by a group of powerful insurgents from the communist gang known as " The Hand of the People " was now attacking many planets of different parties. These planets had been taken over by different groups. Two systems were controlled by the " Nikanor Republic " , who still followed Nikanor's goverment. Two others were controlled by " The Federation of Ivan the Great " , who were hostile to all who oppose and were ruled by a powerful dictator. Finally the UUP ( United Universal Planets ) board took action. They voted to send the UPF ( Universal Peacekeeping Force ) to maintain peace and have the people vote for who they want. In other words they help the Nikanor Republic.
I looked at the intel report and the orders. It hadn't taken long for the parties to find out what was happening. As a result " The Hand of the People " and " The Federation of Ivan the Great " joined forces forming the UTG
( Universal Terrorist Group ). The UTG numbered 1 million troops, and we only numbered 200K men. It seemed impossible , but i know we can suceed. Just as Major McDowell walked in the alarms starting ringing the UTG was attacking.
I ran to my Platoons position on the left flank. Men were running and shooting throwing plasma grenades and launching plasma missles. I started to write and shoot when Major McDowell yelled " Put that damn journal down right now soldier ".
The battle is over the UTG attacked with 500K troops and fell back with 200K casalties we had only lost 200 men we took 10K men prisoner when a Regiment surrendered it had been a successful defense of the base.

To Be Continued....

Dairy of UPF soldier Captian Scott Winder

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