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By Saint Baakra

13th Apr 2012

This story was passed down by Commander Fox wherever he may be now...

Curse that wretched Saint Baakra....I, with my wing of Soldiers of the Holy Inquisition, we have been hunting her for Years.... Yet she somehow slips through our fingers everytime.

" Drop your weapons, Baakra!" "yeah, it's over!" the two Foxen soldiers closed in on the Pitiful form slumped in the corner. It looked up at them through a bloody mouth, smiled. "That's what you think!" suddenly, she was a whirlwind, upon us in seconds, blade screaming through the air. The first slodier's throat was removed, and the others head left his shoulders. She lunged for me, but my blade was already there to block. She seethed at me behind our locked blades," The holy Commander Fox..." "The despised Saint Baakra." I replied. We broke, hacking and slashing, I drove her back towards the large window and the only source of light. Blocking my attacks, everyblow I threw, she was there, guard ready. With a final slash, ringing of steel clashing in a shower of sparks, the weapon flew from her grasp. With a short chop-whip, I severd her hand at the wrist, and swang for a killing blow. She ducked, and fell on her back. I held the tip of my weapon at her throat. "Give up! The Emperor will forgive you...PRAY!" "Never!" She howled, and thrust a long kcik to my groin. I grunted in pain, and was brought to my knee. She ran. Even half winded, I was still much faster. We dashe for the window. "You leave me with one choice, Fox!" she called over her shoulder. "What's that?" I yelled back, still in hot persuit. "Live to fight another day!" She shouted, and with a cannon-leap, she dove through the window, and plunged below into the deep lake-river. Escaped, once more.

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