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Topic Title: Smilies (Simple Topic)

Topic starter: cool guy

Topic started: 08:31:34 28th Mar 2004

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cool guyPosted: 08:31:34 28th Mar 2004

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Hey tell me how u get smilies

S.Mendis Sri Lanka

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MatchPosted: 09:30:41 28th Mar 2004

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I remember how to pray... but forgot how to smile..

What happened to the BBCode post? I think its still there...

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ZygimantasPosted: 09:35:29 28th Mar 2004

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Move your mouse arrow over a smile and you will learn the secret smile symbol :)

SP ConfederalionPosted: 12:11:06 28th Mar 2004

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copy and paste that into the place you type the address into

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