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Topic started: 14:15:31 5th Jun 2006

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ROCKY Posted: 14:15:31 5th Jun 2006

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Well just a short post to say goodbye
i have decided to leave this wonderful community for a while
i have had a wonderful time here and made some great friends
i hope to be back one day and see you all again

until that time
this is Rocky saying
have a blast

-the old ways are changing-

pray they do not disappear completely

Midnight Striker Posted: 14:33:34 5th Jun 2006

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good bye mate cant wait to see you again

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Dios Posted: 14:45:54 5th Jun 2006

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Yeah, come back soon m'kay? :)

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EL Indeed Posted: 14:55:55 5th Jun 2006

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Indeed :[

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norris what time it is he said
2 seconds till they asked 2
seconds till what and he
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Bert2 Posted: 17:56:47 5th Jun 2006

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interiority Posted: 18:05:17 5th Jun 2006

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finally meet a fellow irishman, and he leaves the next day

see ya dude

veni, vidi, vici.

The Swarm

Professor Posted: 03:23:00 6th Jun 2006

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LOL. Maybe he found a new pub to visit. I have heard that there are a few of those in Ireland.

"Of all the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most."

MORBO Posted: 03:26:09 6th Jun 2006

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dial M

Emoticon10D Posted: 07:57:54 6th Jun 2006

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Goodbye, ROCKY.


|,,| <(^.^)> |,,/

Alpha Code Posted: 09:31:46 6th Jun 2006

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C ya ROCKY hope to see you again

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Griffin Vengance Posted: 09:53:05 6th Jun 2006

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(a few Prof? They have the best beer in the world :P)

Cya Rocky, and I hope you come back soon. You're a great guy and player; SI is less then it was without you. :(

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