Topic Title: Who agree with RESET? (Simple Topic)

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Topic started: 10:33:45 11th Dec 2009

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TERRORPosted: 10:33:45 11th Dec 2009

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I think many players waiting it... If you think such i, plesae write here, maybe reset will be faster, and game will be more interesting :)


TLT 4ever ;)
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EgisPosted: 10:35:23 11th Dec 2009

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I agree,we need restart!!!

WienisiusPosted: 10:38:46 11th Dec 2009

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Many players want to back, if will be reset the game, i think and new Players here can start play normaly !

I agree with Terror and Egis !

RelicPosted: 11:14:33 11th Dec 2009

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also agree

a number of players have said they wouldn't play again unless there was a reset

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FORTRANshadowPosted: 11:42:39 11th Dec 2009

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We've been through this over and over over. Professor finally weighed in and stated that there will be No Reset. I think further discussion over this prevents the game from moving forward. Any dedicated new or returning player can survive and thrive in the current environment.

I would not mind seeing something like a removal of player planets who have not logged into the system in 6 months. Or even better, the aliens should return and take over those planets and the SPC defended homeworlds.

A second server that is reset monthly could be a fun diversion if Iiri wants to reuse the old hardware...

Cajin Von SianPosted: 11:49:09 11th Dec 2009

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As stated by Fortran, its been decided, and agree with him pretty much on the other points- disposal of some of the over 500 HWs on the list would be nice- and a server resetting every other month would be nice- similar to the original reason for SL2 to try out new things on and make sure they are working correctly as well as offer potential breeding grounds for new players.

WienisiusPosted: 11:57:20 11th Dec 2009

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I understand, but.. This game is to old for new players, need some change here.

Reset just back old players, but need more to make this game more intresting.

So, if old players come back, maby we can help, to create new SL2 !

watupdoggPosted: 12:01:48 11th Dec 2009

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Why is this even in discussion? Whats the point of playing if everything is wiped clean.. I would have agreed to a reset if it was right after the game came back from that crash, but its been almost a year and its already been stated there will be no reset, a decision i agree with.

mythicsPosted: 22:56:06 14th Dec 2009

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not going to happen, get over it

Yah, SL is fun.

TallDude3rdPosted: 05:51:15 15th Dec 2009

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The discussion rises a lot... once every few months... I agree that a reset might be nice, but will it really convince players to start? I think it will only anger the ones playing now, there is a lot of chance as a new player to survive these days, when somebody likes the game enough to stay and is not completely retarded they will survive if they don't make too big an enemy...


StreetracerPosted: 09:31:26 15th Dec 2009

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The fact is that wanting a reset is only an excuse for not excelling.
I started after the crash and I think have done very well.
With the credits being given for being a top scorer even newbies can build nice planets that will stay.
How ever many new players are not willing to invest time into learning what works!
True most of what I did is not found in the new players helps, and I had to make more then one attempt to succeed. Also I had help from older players and followed advice that was given.
So, it seems to me that if new players want to succeed all the need to do is ask for help at it.
A reset would not cure the problem

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