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Topic Title: SL Modernization (Simple Topic)

Topic starter: MinorThreat1989

Topic started: 20:07:19 8th Sep 2018

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MinorThreat1989Posted: 20:07:19 8th Sep 2018

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I was thinking about talking to somebody about modernizing SL. I don't know who that would be, as I'm not sure who currently runs the place.

I was thinking about ways in which we could introduce elements of 3D, without fundamentally changing what SL is.

Or, it doesn't even need to be 3D. A graphic makeover, modernization of the UI, along with a small marketing push could revive the game a lot. Also, modernizing the technology used would make it feel less dated.
Something as simple as implementing AJAX to update pages without a reload would help immensely(and that's a pretty old technology now, there is so much we could do to make improvements).

Seems like their is about 10 people actively playing, which is really close to being critical, and there being really no point to playing.

Skylords is fun, but It's 100 times more fun when there is a thriving community. I'd be willing to donate my time, I'm sure others would be as well.

Hopefully the powers that be see this, and we can get to work. I'm sure the time I've invested in SL pales in comparison to the current owners, so they should be equally motivated to revive this thing.

ReaperOfSoulsPosted: 23:57:05 8th Sep 2018

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There are a lot of people with a lot of ideas. However there just isn't enough motivation among those with the skills needed to make any meaningful changes. Shoot Iiridayn an email @ and hopefully he'd be willing to collab. william15, iiri, and zero were working on a similar project last year but it just kind of fell off. As long as the changes don't break the game, I don't think many would be opposed to updates.

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System AdministratorPosted: 19:26:35 27th Sep 2018

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MinorThreat1989: I'm not a designer, but I've bought a lot of books... Haven't had time to read them yet though. I strongly feel a graphic uplift would be great, but I've not put the time into learning design, and don't know any I'd trust w/SL and are affordable.

Regarding AJAX page loads... I personally hate Single Page Applications ;). I can and have built frameworks to do just that (to think, I was a junior developer when I started w/SkyLords), but I don't like them. I really like HTTP. That said, some Comet/AJAX Push for certain pages (like space) would not at all be remiss.

I would love to see SL thrive. Just need to find a time I can do it... :/. Any stable help I can get is always appreciated.

DAngelPosted: 16:34:10 27th Nov 2018

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There are always a few people about that are willing to help, but as Iiri pointed out, getting stable help is hard to come by.

I am willing / available to help out where I can but some sort of private Git repo will be needed (if there isn't one already setup).

I started playing this game years ago and then fizzled out, but I keep coming back to it to see if my last planet has been taken. These days I head up a department of Designers and Frontend-Developers and have a family of 2 kids and 3 dogs, so needless to say time is precious.

Happy to contribute Iiri (we had this chat years ago), but I aint using Vim :-P

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IiridaynPosted: 01:54:34 4th Dec 2018

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Yeah, I've been learning just how precious it can be... Once I finish cleaning up the massive backend duplication I'll be in a position where I can start worrying about a design refresh. As is, the HTML structure is copied everywhere. I don't blame Zygi - it's important to get the job done, and I now have more years programming than he did at the time, and I've certainly made my share of mistakes in my younger years.

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