Topic Title: Game Enhancement Idea: Inactivity Tax (Simple Topic)

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Topic started: 18:29:45 20th Jun 2019

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oooooxooooPosted: 18:29:45 20th Jun 2019

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Okay, hi guys. I am a new player. (I played once a while back and lost interest when after weeks of work I got obliterated by a long time player... but hey, thought Id give it another try.) So anyway, here is an idea I have.

What if a player does not check in on their planets during a round the interest payment becomes an interest charge on troops and energy. This way a homeworld that is unattended begins to shrink in defense so that it is fairer pickings for the people who are still here?

I guess the pro would be it would mean there are more things to attack rather than sp confederation planets that do not require killing ships. It would also mean there were more resources available since presumedly players working on building their power would have an incentive to take them out for resources and points.

I guess the con would be all the older players probably already have all the cords and would take them out as soon as a fully trained ship could do it without being sacrificed.

So, is that a good idea or what?

ReaperOfSoulsPosted: 23:09:45 20th Jun 2019

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Similar ideas have been suggested several times. I think Tom had some suggestions as well. At the end of the day I don't think there will ever been a degradation mechanic. There's also the case to be made that degradation would reduce the amount of points that can be gained from taking down homeworlds. With points being one of the main goals that runs counter to the purpose of the game. But of course there's nuance in the sense that there are so many homeworlds out there with high defenses as it is. As a tip you can trigger a degradation mechanic that already exists on any planets with shields and inadequate Fission Power Plants and/or Fusion reactors. Those planets drain E so if you keep spying on them every 2 weeks the defenses will fall. Some of those might have Troop production though so it may not be worth it.

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oooooxooooPosted: 11:20:44 21st Jun 2019

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Ahh, okay. Thanks for the tip. Now also I understand the points.

IiridaynPosted: 12:01:46 7th May 2020

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Yeah - the dev is also not a fan of a degradation mechanic - I like the idea of people being able to come back years later and (barring player action) still have their HW and able to pick back up where they left off.

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Shadow StalkerPosted: 07:47:08 23rd Aug 2020

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Lol at some point I’ll remember to check in more

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Alpha CodePosted: 18:56:28 4th Sep 2020

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No you won't ;)

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