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Dire Wolf Posted: 21:52:51 25th Apr 2024

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I'm so sorry for your loss Iiri. He influenced many people and kept this game going. He will be missed :(

Sic Parvis Magna- Greatness from small beginnings

The Space Rangers and The Swarm for life

Ad astra per aspera

Zygimantas Posted: 15:11:19 13th May 2024

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I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Professor. His profound impact on the game and the joy it brought to our community will not be forgotten. His enthusiasm, creativity and dedication were truly inspiring, and he was a central figure in keeping the spirit of the game alive. He shaped the game using his my hands way before he became the owner.

As a developer, I am particularly indebted to him. At a crucial moment, his actions not only saved the game from disappearing but also opened new possibilities for my personal and professional life. Without him, I would be a different person today, and the game you still enjoy, after so many years, would no longer exist.

May the memories of his creative spirit and love for the game bring you comfort.

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